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    New to IT


    by daviestephen1 ·

    Hi there, can anybody help me with some advice please, I would love to embark on a new career in the IT sector, I am coming to the end of an A+ course I have studied through scheidegger, only my A+ and City and Guilds exams are left to complete thecourse although I have to wait until October before I am able to sit these exams. I am under the impression that passing these exams would possibly qualify me for a 2nd/3rd line support position, only trouble is that everyone is looking for candidates with around 2 years experience, which unfortunatley I do not have. Could anyone help me out here please and perhaps point me in the right direction on where to look and what to apply for?

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      Knowledge, skill & experience!

      by areets ·

      In reply to New to IT

      I think, if you could trace several of the discussions that have taken place in TR’s forums, on ‘recruiting, experiences and certifications’ you’ll find a fair amount of comments from members who have had a fair amount of experience in the IT sectorto little. Find them and read, it will be helpful.

      Search TR discussion center on ‘recruiting, experiences and certifications’. If still undecided, then let the community know.

      Good luck.

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        by daviestephen1 ·

        In reply to Knowledge, skill & experience!

        thanks for the tip, will give the forums a try, see how it goes from there. Much appreciated, cheers

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          Entry level

          by clearsmashdrop ·

          In reply to thanks

          An A+ certification with no job experience will not land you a 2nd/3rd level support job. The current job market will only make it tougher. I think the most important thing is to get any kind of experience. Even if it means working part time or on the side for a while.

          Right now even entry level jobs are asking for 2 years experience. Level 2-3 jobs are asking for 3-5 years.

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