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New Year Resolutions

By BFilmFan ·
It's that time of year, my fellow TechRepublicans to make resolutions to enrich and improve our lives. I will start off with my New Year's Resolutions for 2005.

I resolve to spend more time with my family and friends.

I resolve to not play 'O Fortuna' when commenting to someone's inane thoughts at business meetings.

I resolve to spend more time kissing a curvy redhead than I do wondering what is going on with the network infrastructure at the office.

I resolve to go fishing more.

I resolve to tell people that I care about that I do.

I resolve to learn something interesting that doesn't involve computers once a day.

I resolve to really stop smoking.

I resolve to finally start a blog and record some of these thoughts that rattle about in my head late at night like a freight train.

I resolve to enter a story-telling contest, as my family, friends and myself have provided hours of story material.

I resolve to go on vacation somewhere I've never been before.

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My Resolution

by jdclyde In reply to New Year Resolutions

I resolve to give up self-denial.
I will Golf at least once a week (after the snow melts)
I will go camping at least twice this coming summer.
I will get to the shooting club.
I will get to the RC races.
I will every now and then just drive to the other side of the state for the day.

I will have my twin boys with me every step of the way.

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by secure_lockdown In reply to My Resolution

I resolve to spend more time with my kid.
I resolve to workout more.
I resolve to quit coffee.
I resolve to quit sugar.

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I quit coffee

by Oz_Media In reply to resolutions

Almost two years with VERY little caffeine, man does it EVER feel good!!

I still get decaf mochas from a friend who runs a coffe shop/catering business but that doesn't count. I quit all caffeine drinks (Coke, Barq's, 'The Dew' etc.). I still drink Mug Rootbeer (no caffeine!)and drink a tonne of various fruit juices, but oh my did I ever notice the difference right away!

I actually developed an allergy to caffeine and was told to quit, probably from owning a LaCymbali professional espresso machine and going overboard I'm sure.

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Coffee Junkie

by house In reply to I quit coffee

I've stopped drinking it before, and did notice an energy boost, but I just love it too much. It is one of my few vises considering I hardly ever drink alcohol anymore.

It tastes soooo good, and I'm hard pressed to find a caffeine free substitute here in town that doesn't taste hollow.


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From "The Dew" to Coffee

by ND_IT In reply to I quit coffee

I drank alot of dew in college. My first class I always had a cold 20oz. Now, I brew half a pot, and that is usually all I drink during the week. I wish coffee tasted like it smells.

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Coffee smells

by house In reply to From "The Dew" to Coffee

I wish it smelled like it tastes. If I forget to turn off the pot, it'll smell like a thousand pissing cats in here. :)

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by ND_IT In reply to Coffee smells

Yeah, you definately can't leave it on. I forgot to turn off the pot one weekend when we went out of town. The pot was empty, but I am suprised it didn't **** up!

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by BHunsinger In reply to Coffee smells

Those thermos things at coffee houses are not for show. Get the coffee off the burner and into a thermos asap to keep the heat from breaking it down. I was listing to All things considered and discovered that some researcher discovered why coffeee smells so goo for 20 minutes: During that time it has an anti oxident effect. Said researcher wanted to know why, if coffe is so bad for you, it smells so good when freshly brewed.
This does not apply to Starbuck style coffee, which somehow gets brewed with the breakdown.
Finally, if it gets cold, nuking it for 1-2 minutes gets it warm without the degradation.

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by Jaqui In reply to Thermos

starbucks gets the breakdown because they have burnt coffee beans only.
dark roast is not healthy, it has more oils and acidity.

don't nuke cold coffee at all, the oils, once cold, congeal into an undigestible mass, that can cause stomach problems. [ iced cappucinos included!! ]

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quit smoking

by secure_lockdown In reply to I quit coffee

i quit smoking couple of years ago - i was a pack a day guy - now it feels like i never smoked for 10 years.

i figure time to try to quit something else. it's either coffee or beer. i think beer would be very hard to quit at this stage in my life.

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