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Newbies and Non-Techs

By 1stladytech ·
I audit this forum quite frequently, but I don't always have time to answer or contribute. Recently I have noticed (along with the rest of you) that the types of questions and the level of expertise displayed by some of the users has taken a significant nose dive. Maybe we should ask TechRepublic to filter all content in questions and discussions areas to remove all requests for information of how to get Kazaa or other file sharing software running into a new area - shall we call it 10t area?

I have gotten some very good hints at this site from many of you about valid tech problems encountered at work. But no real tech would be trying to get p2p networks running on the office lan setup. I like this site as it is a community of peers, I get to talk to enough newbie users every day at work (repair shop - store front).

Let me know what you think,


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My Thoughts Exactly!

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Newbies and Non-Techs

I spent more than enough time talking to (L)users when I did desktop support years (and years) ago, I don't want to do it here. Please don't anyone get the impression I think I know it all - far from it! I just don't want to talk about getting printers to work or how to change color schemes anymore.


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by GuruOfDos In reply to My Thoughts Exactly!

Ralph, I agree entirely! There are more than enough sites, web pages, chat rooms and forums for newbies and 'home' users. Every newsagent has at least a dozen magazines out every month with articles and features aimed at new users.

It suprises me that there isn't any 'vetting' for membership. I suppose the 'best' and most effective deterrent for keeping 'weeners' out would be a subscription so that only 'professionals' would pay and the 'weeners' would have to go elsewhere for 'free support'.

Making TR subscription based would then defeat the point of TR in my opinion. It would no longer be a forum for free exchange of ideas and opinions, more of a forum for 'chargeable' exchange of ideas!

On the other hand, in the UK at least, membership fees for professional or trade bodies is tax deductable!

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The only problem with subscriptions is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Ditto!

That it would reduce the world content has anyone seen the value of the Aussie Dollar lattely?

I recently bought a crash helmet in the US for $185.00US including air freight {dosen't matter that it is illegial over here as it doesn't have the right sticker on the outside} but I paid $325.85AU for this item.

Sorry mate but it would be just too expensive for some of us who treat this as relaxation and sometimes a bit of help both ways and would limit this site back to mainly as US dominated site with only a few "outsiders."

It wouldn't be very good for different opinions to get a look in then would it?

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by LordInfidel In reply to My Thoughts Exactly!

I ignore them.......

call it manually filtering crap

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While I mostly agree with your thoughts

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Newbies and Non-Techs

I must take exception to your peer to peer coments. Sure this system is mainly used for "Home Networks" which are becoming very common now days but by the same token I recently went into a new small business with only 4 computers setup on a LAN and nobody would consider any other network as necessary for an installation like this. You ould never consider setting up a Domain in this sisutation would you?

Buy the way they sell heavy earthmoving equipment so they have a little over $1,000,000.00 AU turn over per month sure they will get bigger and things will change then but for now a peer to peer is the best for their needs.

But it was even better when I first went in there as the "Professional" who has set it up had set it up in such a way that the only communication between the computers in the building was via e-mail so they had the position of sending an e-mail through their ISP who leases bandwidth from a US site from one desk to the US and back again to another desk that was only 10 feet away.

Now to me that was a tad wasteful to say the least but I suspose it was very profitiable for their ISP. They now have a peer to peer network and their ISP bills have less that 25% of what they once where and they are now paying for their Web Site so I would hate to think what their bills would be now if I had of left things the way that they where.

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Col...I think

by GuruOfDos In reply to While I mostly agree with ...

when she's referring to 'not setting up peer to peer networks on the office LAN' she's referring to file sharing networks like Kazaa, Napster and WinMX, not workgroup connectivity!

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by 1stladytech In reply to Col...I think

I have many client set up in a peer to peer in the office environment, but not for music sharing across the internet. I guess I have a hard time helping someone set up software that causes me to spend at least 45 minutes per machine extra in order to reverse and remove the problems that the software causes. If I never saw another spyware or virus program again, it would be to soon.


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Actually I can't agree more

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Exactly

What I really love is the staff memeber who installs something like those listed above unknown to the System Admin. Then claims to have no idea of exactly how it got on their computer when the problems start and after you have spent hours tracking down the offending unit.

But on the other hand I still get a good laugh on e-mailing a invoice from Brisbane to the US back to Brisbane to another workstation 10 feet away just so it can be printed on a laser printer. You have to admit thatis a hard one to beat particuarly since a so called professional set up the system and they where not connected with the ISP involved. But I think they must have been on a commision from someone for doing this.

Actually currently my son is pestering me to setup a peer to peer network at his home so he can play games across the network and he can't understand exactly why I'm not interested. But he comes from a different generation where computers are no longer tools but play toys.

Now if anyone has an idea of how to get this idea out of his head I would be eternally gratefull.

OK back on topic again when I come across someone who has installed some of these file sharing programsd on a work computer I limit their e-mail access to e-mail attachments to under 1.5 MEG and stop them from downloading anything new off the either inter or intra net and I also remove all external drives. While this is only punishment for a few weeks for a first offence the discrase that is heaped on them by their fellow work mates seems to prevent them from repeating the same thing in the future.

Luckly I live in an area where people just don't run to their nearest Lawer or I may be in trouble but it certianly saves a lot of problems.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Newbies and Non-Techs

I personally do like to help out newbies when I can or offer my 2 cents. I also like to gather as much knowledge as possible. It seems as of late though I have been participating in more non technical posts than technical.
Maybe subconsciously I am tired of all of the P2P questions too?!? :)

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New discussion area

by aronya1 In reply to

How about a seperate discussion area, clearly designated as being for newbies? Administrators could move posts that get wrongly posted in other areas to the new area...

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