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News of the Wierd

By maecuff ·
Here's one I haven't seen Jaqui post yet..

It'd be funny if it weren't so disturbing.

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You have to at least give him credit-

by Mickster269 In reply to News of the Wierd

He certainly used a nice font.

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Can you say sick?

by JamesRL In reply to News of the Wierd

He obviously has issues, deep disturbing ones.

He could be a test case for parenting or marriages licenses - if he gets one, than the rules are not tough enough. Essentially he is looking for 24/7 slaves.


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by Jaqui In reply to Can you say sick?

just cause I never detailed it into a pre-nuptial contract doesn't mean my wife isn't as constrained in her actions. ]:)

The big difference being that the relationship is consentual (sp?) with my wife, I never tried to force her into a situation she wasn't comfortable in.

editing to add:

a sample "contract" that is often used as a base for an agreement between two people who are going to engage in BDSM play.

Most in BDSM actually have a rule that they enforce at all times, it's S.S.C.
[ Safe Sane Concentual ]

the person in the story is more an abusive sob.

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by Jaqui In reply to News of the Wierd

I don't normally read extremist rag pages.

but you are right, I would have posted this as an oddly enough if I had seen it.

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by maecuff In reply to hey!!!

can't let you have ALL the fun.. :)

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She sick too?

by ozi Eagle In reply to News of the Wierd

After having this contract presented to her, she still married the guy. Weird.

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like they say

by jdclyde In reply to She sick too?

if you knowingly put yourself in harms way, you hold partial blame for everything bad that happens to you.

Hard to feel too much sympathy for stupid people.

Now if she would have ran away screaming as soon as she saw this, that would be another matter. It is hard to believe that this was "out of the blue".

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No no no no...

by maecuff In reply to like they say

JD, if you were here, I would beat you about the head and shoulders with a rolled up newspaper.

There is a difference between stupid behavior and being held responsible for 'partial blame' if you are the victim of a crime. There is NO law (at least none that I know of, feel free to correct me Max :)) against being stupid. Obviously. Or the prisons would be more crowded.

If you are kidnapped, raped, car-jacked, shot, robbed, whatever, the ONLY person who is responsible is the person committing the crime. If you behave in a stupid pulling up next to a person, seeing a gun in his hand, and deciding to ask him for directions anyway, that in NO way makes you responsible if he steals you car. It makes you a dumbass. But not responsible.

I will agree that it hard to feel much sympathy, but that's a different matter from responsibility.

As far as this case, who knows? We weren't there. It's hard to say how much this guy kept under wraps until she was deep in to the relationship. For instance, I've always considered myself perceptive. It works for me. However, when I got married for the second time, the person I married was very mild mannered, intelligent, successful..etc. Turns out, after a year of marriage, that he was a self important, somewhat sadistic (no offense, Jaqui..but I didn't ASK for it) arrogant dickweed. Had I known in advance, the marriage wouldn't have happened. The point is..unless you are actually there, it seems a bit harsh to pass judgement..

Okay..I am off my soap box.. y'all can go about your business. :)

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by Jaqui In reply to No no no no...

why would I be offended?
I was honest about my sadistic nature from the first time I met the woman I married.
[ honesty, respect and open communication are absolutely required to build the trust needed for safe, sane consentual BDSM play ]
it isn't for everyone, but by being honest about it, I met someone who also enjoys it. :)

if I had hidden it, then I might have wound up in a relationship like your second marriage..where it wouldn't last because of the secret interest.

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You know..

by maecuff In reply to offense?

in thinking about this, I probably used the wrong word in the first place. He wasn't sadistic in the sense that he enjoyed (mutually) inflicting pain on other humans, he just enjoyed the pain of others as a spectator. Perhaps I should have said twisted, sick, or some other word to describe him. For example, we use to go to the observation area at the greater Cincinnati airport. I didn't particularly enjoy it as I am not overly amused by Big Shiny Objects that make a lot of noise, but he seemed to like to watch the planes take off and land. I'd just bring a book and hang out. After some time, he bought a radio that would allow him to listen to the control tower converse with the pilots. I asked him what the fascination was and he replied that all he wanted, was to see a plane crash.

I was appalled. I asked how he could WANT such a thing, that those were PEOPLE in the airplanes. He never really answered, just looked at me like I was being ridiculous. It wasn't long after that the marraige crashed and burned. So..I guess what I'm saying is, I should have described him in a different was as I in no way want to offend the sadist that I type at from time to time. :)

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