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By house ·
Eventhough some may think this is a dying beast, I'm interested to know if anyone has any recommendations/favourites regarding technology, news, alternative tech methods, etc...

Feel free to peer mail me if you do not want to post any names within this thread.


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by Jaqui In reply to Newsgroups

newsgroups are almost as bad as irc channels.

both are to focussed, on specific applications / devices.
I've never seen either as a general posting for all programs or hardware.

most email lists for software are also newsgroups, but again, only for one prgram.
( 15 lists / newsgroups for postgresql, official not just user started )

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That's the issue

by house In reply to ~shudder~

Are there any that are worth looking into?

Most of the newsgroups that I've seen over the years have been worthless... so I'm kinda hoping someone has landed on something worthwhile.

I subscribe to a few mailing lists, TR included, as well as security lists... what I was looking for is an untarnished tech group.

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true, it is.

by Jaqui In reply to That's the issue

an issue.
and nope, I've never seen any newsgroups for general tech, only for specifics.

/. is a good news source for linux, that is general.
but it's not a newgroup per se.

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I used to use specific ones

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Newsgroups

particularly Borland's quite a lot. Stopped when administrators started blocking that port, due to the amount of crud on other groups.
What we need is some cleaned up news group servers, pirates and pornsters unwelcome. I used to suscribe to one of the generic ones, but got tired of having to wade through a load of plainly illegal rubbish every time I wanted to find a useful group.

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