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Newsletter Subscription Nuisances

By Bork Blatt ·
Hi folks.

I recently tried to change my newsletter subscription options. Every attempt led me to a page to sign up for a CNET account. It seems I need a CNET account to change my TechRepublic newsletter options!

When did this happen?

I signed up to TechRepublic. I don't want to sign up with C-NET, frankly I don't trust them. I should be able to edit all my Techrepublic preferences with my Techrepublic account.

This is either a bug or a huge marketing push for CNET. It's aggressive, and it lowers my trust of TechRepublic that they would be willing to do this to members.

Please rectify this.

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Site Upgrade

by Tig2 In reply to Newsletter Subscription N ...

I believe that CNET is a sister site.

My guess is that it is a temporary glitch. I know that yesterday I was getting some odd responses from TR and have heard from others that they were as well. This will likely be an off and on problem until the site upgrade is complete. Try it again in a few weeks.

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I'll try to help

by debuggist Staff In reply to Newsletter Subscription N ...

Send me the URLs that you are trying to use to change your newsletter subscriptions. Also, which newsletters are you trying to subscribe to or unsubscribe from?

You can send all this in a PM.

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Problem Resolved.

by Bork Blatt In reply to Newsletter Subscription N ...

Thanks for the responses.

I tried again this morning and it works, so I have made my changes.

Thanks to Doug of CNet for offering to adjust the subscriptions for me - I was pleasantly surprised by this consideration.

Can't wait to see the new version of the site.

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same problem 2 years later

by dld In reply to Newsletter Subscription N ...

I realize this is 2 years after the original post but I'm having the same problem, have tried the My Newsletters link in the blue header bar and I end up being redirected to the CNet page too. Help?

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