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next Pope

By john.a.wills ·
For the benefit of any cardinals who are members of TechRepublic, I nominate Michel Sabbah, currently Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem. As the election of J-P 2 embarrassed the Kremlin Empire, so the election of a Palestinian (the second; the first was Simon Peter) as Chief Christian would embarrass both the Zionists and the Islamists. As the Palestinian nation is part of the higher-level Arab nation, there would also be a weakening of the idea that an Arab should be a Muslim, which might lead to freedom of religion in e.g. Sa'udi Arabia.

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Whoever the next pope is...

by Montgomery Gator In reply to next Pope

...I hope he takes the name Urban. My alma mater just got a new football coach (Urban Meyer, now at University of Florida), and his name comes from one of the Popes named Urban. I just think it would be cool for the Pope to have the same name as the coach of the Florida Gators, especially since it is a traditional name for Popes.

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by Jessie In reply to Whoever the next pope is. ...

He'd be Pope Sixtus VI (the sixth for those of you who don't know roman numerals) now if we could just get another 6 in there, the Roman Catholic church would be marked by the number of the beast... scary thought!!!

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by jkaras In reply to next Pope

Why should the election of the Papacy be political not spiritual? I am not a devout Catholic but raised a Roman Catholic and as far as I am concerned it should only be judged and elected as to whom who would represent the Church the greatest. He is a spiritual leader not a politician or puppet despite the figurehead role model. I also take offense at all the talk whether a black cardinal should be the next pope? I and I dare say God doesnt care about the color of skin. Cant we let those who supposedly know what's best make that decision? If he does get elected will people then renounce their faith due to racism? Nice example from the story of "The Good Samaritan". The only things that I expect from the new Pope is to do something about holding molesting priests responsible for what they do according to law not the order's law. I also expect some sort of denouncement of money grubbing tv evangelists that masqurade as false prophets that bilk millions from people, other than that they can do whatever.

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Election of the Pope

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to ????????????

has always been political. Why that is, is because it's an enormous amount of power, if you want to change that make the church less powerful is the only way I can see. Besides deciding who's got the most clout is far easier than who's the most spiritual.
Are those evangelist types catholics ?

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by jkaras In reply to Election of the Pope

I know history and the Church's role in it. I just have a certain expectaion that it should be above man's petty squabbles or racism and an example of how God wants us to act since they are the moral police, so to speak. Back in the day they controlled governments, not so much today, thankfully. They can have their own popularity contest internally for whatever reasons, but true religious people will accept who God deemed worthy as the representative. If they fall out of favor over this, then what was their faith all about in the first place. As for the tv evangelist thing, in my opinion if the Pope said anything about the wrongness factor I'm sure people would tune out and tv execs would pull the plug. Granted I dont support bullying strong arm tactics that happen so much in our world today but some people suffer mentally not understanding the truth and are exploited for gain. I believe in choice but execs hiding behind not my problem, got airways to sell just doesnt excuse it. If the people want it then who am I to judge? I just dont like it, just voicing an opinion. Point taken.

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Moral/ethical progress in the church

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Yeah

has basically been about clamping down on the more extreme forms of excess.
If you talk about replacing the a tv evangelist's truth with your's, the popes, or even my truth, I'm really not interested. Giving them the tools to find their own truth is much more ethical.

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"Giving them the tools"...Oh, dear!

by Absolutely In reply to Moral/ethical progress in ...

There is only one tool a human needs to find the truth, and it is located directly behind his/her forehead. As long as I do not interfere with your intellect and your right to use it for your own personal benefit, I am dealing with you ethically. No more than that may be required ethically.

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Which Truth

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to "Giving them the tools".. ...

Give them tools, I meant teach them how to think, most people should be able to do it, but far too many choose to let somebody else do it for them.

Anyone who tries to make their truth more true by making some else see it truly, obviously has doubts about how true their thruth really is.
Tee Hee
And as you say the tool is what keeps your ears from meeting in the middle.

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Unrealistic expectations.

by deepsand In reply to Yeah

You are asking humans to act in am manner superior to their inate nature.

Recognize that ideals, while worthwhile striving for, are, by definition, unattainable; otherwise, they wouldn't be ideals, but merely ordinary & commonplace.

What counts is not what we achieve, but what we learn from our failures.

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by deepsand In reply to ????????????

The election of a Pope has always been political; a quick read of the history of the Catholic Church will tell you as much.

As for John Paul II, his ascension was engineered by Philadelphia's John Cardinal Krol, who could have had the position, but, preferring that his personal freedom not be curtailed by the concommitant responsibility that accrues with the authority, used his political skills and capital to become the king maker, a power behind the throne.

All human organizations, great or small, are subject to the human condition, which, among other things, includes the urge for power as a necessary condition for the realiztion of desired increased freedoms.

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