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NHL Back Soon - Am I the Only One Who Cares?

By DMambo ·
Reports are that the NHL and the NHLPA (players association) are close to resolving their stalemate on reaching a collective bargaining agreement. Is there anyone other than me who is happy to hear this? Is there anyone who feels like an abandoned child and will never return to Father Hockey?

And what about these proposed changes:

Shootouts after 5 min OT to eliminate ties?

No-touch icing?

Smaller neutral zone?

Reduced size of goalie equipment?

2-line passes?

I say just bring it back and give us our hockey!!!!

LET'S GO HABS!!!!!!!!!

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by ccthompson In reply to NHL Back Soon - Am I the ...

Go PENS!!!!!!

I agree, I dont care how they bring it back, just please bring it back. Its one of the only sports I could watch Live, or at home on TV.

Baseball is boring all around, and football is better on TV than it is at the field, admit it, you get to see better replays, surround sound, plazma TV, high-def. It just makes sence. But Hockey, you go to the rink and hear the puck smacking off of everthing and anything, its very exciting!

Please bring back my hockey!!!!!

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Finally!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

by TomSal In reply to NHL Back Soon - Am I the ...

Oh no you aren't the only one, me and my fellow server guru associate over here (who has been into the NHL nearly as long as I've been alive) were talking about this quite extensively yesterday between him building a pc and me doing some administration crap.

I'm very excited at the prospect of hockey coming back -- and this fall!!! :)

Also I agree fully with the sentiment that hockey is one of those sports that you fully experience live!! Its just so much faster when you are there watching a game (of course I watch it on TV too - but not as fun).

And yeah NFL games are better to watch on TV I agree, and baseball -- well until they come out with the "Victoria Secret's Lingerie Baseball League" -- I'd rather watch an infomercial on the Flobie. Much more exciting.

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I care, but not for the same reason...

by Zen37 In reply to Finally!!! BRING IT BACK! ...

I wish it would never come back.
Sorry dudes, but hockey is just not all that interesting to me
I enjoyed this "time off" (if we can call it that, all you could hear on the news is about the strike, the negociations or lack there of).

Oh well, all good things must come to an end.

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Tom, I'm glad you're looking forward to hockey, but..

by DMambo In reply to Finally!!! BRING IT BACK! ...

I have to disagree with your assessment of baseball. Seeing Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz and (shudder) David Wells running around in Victoria's Secret would just ruin for me the days when those catalogs arrive in the mail.

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That was just wrong

by jdclyde In reply to Tom, I'm glad you're look ...

I did NOT need that visual to start my day! I hope you are proud of yourself and what you have done!

Bad Mambo, BAD!

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Well slap my nose with a rolled up magazine

by DMambo In reply to That was just wrong

Better yet, picture David Wells, fully attired in his push up...whatever, slapping my a$$ with a rolled up magazine.

Damn, now I've ruined my own day.

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Dude, you gotta be kidding me...

by jck In reply to NHL Back Soon - Am I the ...

You? The only one who cares?

Not only are there a LOT of Canadians whose main sport it is, but tons of Americans love it as well (including me).

I didn't hear all the details, but I understand the cap is going to be about $37M and no player can make more than $7.2M per season.

I grew up in hot-arse Oklahoma...and, I got introduced to ice hockey when I was 19 by watching the Edmonton Oilers games on ESPN at night and getting drunk with my buds...I've loved it ever since.

So anyways...I'm very happy...I'm ready to see the guys checkin up again and smackin slapshots.

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Heck yeah

by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to Dude, you gotta be kiddin ...

Bring it on already!!!
Dallas Stars -)

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by jck In reply to Heck yeah

Go Lightning...*defending* NHL champs (and one of the teams already under the new salary cap)

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by TomSal In reply to indeed

Let's go FLYERS Let's go....Let's go FLYERS Let's go!!! :)

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