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Nigerian money laundering

By jbonner ·
I received an email this morning, from a banker in Nigeria saying that he wanted my help 'saveing $15.5m from corupt government officals. The scheam was to have me act as a distant relation to some one who had died, and thus lay claim to the balance of his bank account. I am bothering sending this note because, the Emailer said he got my name from the TechRepublic web site, where he too is a member. The listed name is 'Abubakur Habu Hashidu'.
Legitamate of not, what he proposes is highly illegal, at least in this country.

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thanks for the heads up

by david.planchon In reply to Nigerian money laundering

have You sent this info to Tech Republic?

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by david.planchon In reply to thanks for the heads up

he is not a listed member.

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This isn't a new phenomena

by JamesRL In reply to

I got my first email like this in 1995.

Its well documented in many places. Its been in the local paper. I saw a documentary on TV showing someone who actually was conned into going to Nigeria to be fleeced.


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by petemcc In reply to Nigerian money laundering

It' not legit or legal, it's a scam. The next step should this individual get a bite is to request funds or account information
and soak his victim for everything he can.

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just delete it

by waynepd In reply to Nigerian money laundering

i have received a few of these mails over the last couple of years.
the old rule applies "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is"

if someone is silly enough to even reply to these people, they get what they deserve.

just delete and move on.

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