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No Comparison - Olympics

By Black Panther ·
Lets have a look at the standings so far - note the population

DAY 5 Medals

1 China 10 6 2 Population 1.1 Billion

2 U.S.A. 6 7 6 Population 293 Million

3 Australia 6 3 5 Population 20 Million ***

4 Japan 6 2 1 Population 126 Million

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Reflexion of Society

by FrankTech In reply to No Comparison - Olympics

This is why Australia is such a great place to live. Opportunity,open spaces,great weather,low crime rate,love of sport ,always barrack for the underdog and the most important thing - we don't take ourselves too seriously.

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I'll Say -

by Black Panther In reply to Reflexion of Society

It's also a shame there is not a bit more competition from the Superpower's considering the population they have --- maybe they waste their money on trying to get to Mars instead or sending troops all over the planet.

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How about if the Olympics is about sport not country

by SkipperUSN In reply to I'll Say -

How about if the Olympics is about sports and not about nation against nation - it is the press that counts the number of medals by nation. How about the Aussie swimmer - isn't that kid 19!

What about at the end of the Olympics there is no parade of Nations they all come into it as individual atleths - not a citizen of Germany or France or of the 286 countries there. Just a large group of Athlets ... Hum - only arses count the number of medals their folks have won...

Rather than routing (like the Greek people are) for the athlet doing their best to win - only the press (Liberal Press on top of it) - counts medals - I don't think most Amercians count -

So what would you of said if a little country that has 25 participants won 10, 9, 6 - medals - would you say it was great - does that say anything about that nation citizens? Nope.

Who Cares - about Medal counts ....

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by Black Panther In reply to How about if the Olympics ...

If what you say was true there would be no competition, no boundries, one world, one nation of people ( the new world order ) - which is what some of the well know organisations and governments are trying to achieve.

There would be no Olympics!

I would say from the 'arses' statement your feelings are hurt and you have to resort to a losing statement to make yourself feel better!

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Questionable ratios though

by Oz_Media In reply to No Comparison - Olympics

I used to view this the same way, more people more medals.

But then we hae to look at the QUALIFYIN population of each country and the numbers would be so out of whack it shoots the population issue all to ****.

I have a population of 100 and you of 50.

In my country, the lifestyle for my people is more of a business or technical lifestyle and only 20 people are into fitness and sports.

In your country, 45 people are very active and fitness focused and only five are into an 'office' centered lifestyle. THen chances are you would have a better selection of athletes to compete in the games than I do.

So when we look at population, should we not also consider the number of QUALIFIED people that country produces?

I woudln't really know how to start and define such a term, I suppose you could remove the percentage of population that are obese, then those that are disabled in some way or another, etc.

Just considering this concept, it shows that being in entirely different parts of the globe with different beliefs, opportunities and lifestyles, it is not relative to compare population size as a contributing figure.


I bet you're thinking 'smoke another one', but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)

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by Black Panther In reply to Questionable ratios thoug ...

By the sounds of it the other countries would then be 'overqualified' in areas other than fitness/sport etc etc

I would bet that Australia with it's small population would still out qualify other countries in your other mentioned areas!


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