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No good deed goes unpunished?

By cp7212 ·
About a year ago, I would receive requests for some charitable contributions from several different organizations. I decided to donate $25 to one of these charities. Up to this date, my mailbox is deluged with "donate to this, donate to that".

Honestly, if I don't get at least one (usually two or three) mailing per day, I'm shocked. I finally got the credit card offers to stop by getting on a "do not mail" list through the three top credit record agencies.

I would like to donate to another charity, but I don't want to get a flood of requests because the next charity has no morals and sells my address to more charities. This really bothers me how you're good enough to reach into your checkbook to help them out and that's not enough, they have to go and sell your personal information for more money.

I've called this charity and told them not to send me any more requests and not to sell my info, but that didn't work. Besides, most of the damage has already been done.

Does anyone know of a list (in the USA) that you can get on to not be solicited by these "charities"?

This has really destroyed my view on giving. Yes indeed, no good deed goes unpunished.

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by ITgirli In reply to No good deed goes unpunis ...

Could you donate anonymously? or do you want the receipt for taxation purposes? Could you volunteer your time rather than your money? A lot of organizations would welcome help as much as money. I'm sure that these organizations that are hounding you for money send their mail with return envelopes. In that case, have you tried sending a letter instead of money informing them that you would like to donate, but do not because you feel harassed by them?

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If you want to donate...

by Surflover In reply to Possibilities

Donate your time to special olympics... I've been doing it for over 25 years and you cant find anything that will help more people, and make you feel like a king at the same time... I dont want to put a lot of personal stuff in the post... if you want real world examples and more info, send me a direct mail...

you'll never regret it...


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Yep, I tried that

by cp7212 In reply to Possibilities

I tried calling them and kindly asked to be removed from their list. The person I talked to said she would check on it. I am still receiving requests for money six months later.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to No good deed goes unpunis ...

are not bound by the "do not call" list. Best bet is to make donations anonymously.

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by cp7212 In reply to Charities

Thanks for the tip! I guess that's the route I'll have to start taking.

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Being the nice guy

by jck In reply to No good deed goes unpunis ...

always sucks...

I'm living proof...

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Never be afraid to just say "NO"

by jdclyde In reply to No good deed goes unpunis ...

I get calls all the time.

I NEVER give when they call, because it is some telemarketer scum of the earth that will skim off 80% of the money raised for "expenses" and I tell them this just before hanging up on them.

If someone calls you, you have no obligation to safeguard their feelings.

Make your donations DIRECTLY with the groups that support whatever it is you feel deeply about.

I give to the Cancer society, "Toys-for-tots", and "Coats for kids" as well as give food to the Church food pantry.

Understand, they NEED to get money anyway they can to do the good works that most do. It is part of the game. Just don't give them your phone number. But don't stop helping because of it.

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aaagh! You just gave me Mae's earwig!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Never be afraid to just s ...

There's an old anti- drugs song that's entitled "just say no" and it's one of the worst songs I've ever heard! And you now have it playing in my head! Was originally on the Grange Hill TV series, and sung by an out of tune character called Zammo.....

I'll get you for this jd! I hate that bloomin' song!!



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I aim to please, my dear

by jdclyde In reply to aaagh! You just gave me ...

Note, it is alright to say no to people calling you for donations.

That is the only time a woman is supose to say that word!

Repeat after me, "Why, I would LOVE to!" ]:)

As for the earwig,
its a small world after alllll
its a small world after allllll
its a small world after alll
its a small small world!


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No need to say "No."

by jardinier In reply to Never be afraid to just s ...

I don't know how your telephone system works in the States, but in Australia we can choose to have a CND (Calling Number Display) phone.

Ninety nine per cent of calls from charities or promotions are silent numbers.

So when my 'phone rings, I look at the screen and if it says: "PRIVATE" or "UNAVAILABLE" that means it is a silent number so I don't pick up the phone.

On the rare occasions that some genuine person is using a silent number, they will leave a message.

These CND phones have saved me wasting a lot of time and a lot of money.

There are certain charities which I donate to by a regular direct debit from my credit card. I daresay it is likely/probable that some charities have distributed my phone number, but by using a silent number they are missing out on MY donations.

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