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    No logins anymore to certain forums


    by europanorama ·

    hello i have a huawei e960 wlan-accesspoint-router(for internet and phone).
    Device is connected to pc with lan-cable.
    since 10 days i have login-problems to certain forums. just at that day our provide made some changes in the region.
    i checked everything. two pcs, multiple hdds(win2k/winxp). usb-modem(same net/signal). i have quite good pc-knowledge.
    the only thing i didnt execute was deleting name and passwords. how can i do this. i am using FF.
    Maybe we will see more if a new HDD will be installed. Thanks

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      This is likely

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to No logins anymore to certain forums

      entirely to do with your browser or the sites themselves.

      What exactly does the login problem look like? What happens?

      You have NoScript or other blocking extensions installed in FF? Make sure to allow all necessary scripts, etc., at these sites.

      FF has a password manager right in the menu Tools.

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        Solved- for FF/IE not chrome/opera

        by europanorama ·

        In reply to This is likely

        its is solved, maybe multiple reasons.
        details can be found in forums.

        europanorama=3dreal its me
        the siutation was complicated so pls study every message if interested.
        at the end i also deleted an unwanted account, no both accounts.
        i think i can solve it completely((login also in opera/chrome) when i will have a new hdd installed.

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