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NO more late fees?

By Oz_Media ·
Blockbuster Canada has been advertising NO MORE LATE FEES for all movie and game rentals.

The commercials state, that if you want to keep that movie or game and extra few days,"go head, keem 'em"
you will no tbe charged. This REALLY implies that there are NO late fees.

While there ARE no LATE fees, a penalty is issued after being 7 days late. On the 8th day, you are charged the FULL selling price of the movie or game, on your Blockbuster account, less the rental cost paid.

IF you return the movie AFTER that 8th day, they will still remove the SALE added to your account and there is a $1.75 restocking fee.

One would think that this wouldn't work because nobody would return movies and you'd be forever waiting for a enw release, however Blockbuster assures us that they are monitoring the situation and will ensure that a constant stock is held in store.

So it's still a pretty good deal, you pay for a 3 day movie, return it after a month and the only charge is a $1.75 restocking fee. Not bad.

Just too bad they hack and edit all their movies into nonsense for family viewing. Not as bad as they USED to be, but the Rogers copy will always give you the full uncut version now.

So for Canadians who HAVE seen this latest marketing blitz by Blockbuster, and for those of you who actually still do rent from Blockbuster, don't be fooled by the ads, there IS fine print.

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the solution

by maecuff In reply to NO more late fees?
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No need

by Oz_Media In reply to the solution

I get screeners sent to me on a regular basis.

My brother used to practically own Rogers, he partnered with Ted Rogers, then ran their legal department, then sold a WHOLE WHACK of his stores back to ROgers and now is a majority share holder in an international Auto glass company.

You guys think I do a lot of different stuff, I can't keep up with my brother though.

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I miss local stores.

by tbragsda In reply to NO more late fees?

We now have a Blockbuster membership that bills monthly (I dont know how much, wifie never telles me anything about what we pay for anything). The monthly fee allows unlimited rentals with no late fees, limmit two at a time.

I think Blockbuster is going to die out. Its just too bad they had to take all the locals out before other options do the same to them.

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They aren't too popular here.

by Oz_Media In reply to I miss local stores.

In BC anyway, they are dead or dying.

Future Shop sells DVD's for $10.00
By the time you rent the DVD $5.00 (approx. I haven't rented in years) then paid for the three days late charge, you may as well buy the damn thing to begin with.

PLUS, they cut and censor movies at BB here so people rent from others.

PLUS Rogers offer cell phone service and you can pay your bill in the store, this makes it familiar and a common visit for many.

PLUS, Blockbuster just plain sucks bobo!

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Just like WallMart.

by tbragsda In reply to They aren't too popular h ...

I will spare you my full WalMart rant, I will just be happy to see them go.

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by mrafrohead In reply to NO more late fees?

Yeah man, I would NEVER do business with BlockBuster. They're awful.

Not to mention they just opened up their netflix wanna be service for cheaper than netflix... but I'd never swtich just because they're blockbuster (ballbuster)...

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Here's a Blockbuster scam

by house In reply to NO more late fees?

They have a promotion where you can bring in any 3 used games and trade them for a new one. My buddy has been going to a third party bargain bin and grabbing some $5 games and trading them in. Basically, he brings in 3 brand new and identical games, that run him less than $20, and trades them for a new release that could run you upwards of about $60 - $70 with tax.

Now they're stuck with a wholesale lot of crappy games that nobody will even look at.

Everytime he walks in, they shake their heads, but managment has not yet removed the promotion.

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That's a familiar one

by Oz_Media In reply to Here's a Blockbuster scam

When I bought Turbo Grafx (yeah okay I know, but Bonk was hilarious!), there was a little games shop who did trades the same way. In Vancouver there was a BIG weekly flea market where importers would clear out a lot of junk. We used to buy TG games for a few bucks and trade them in on the new games as the other store.

You know it was a simpler life when you could travel to the flea market, buy games travel to Richmond and trade them in, and actually saving $20-$30 was worth the time.

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Hey... I just sold mine to some collector

by house In reply to That's a familiar one

...a few years back. I had The cds for "Ys" 1,2,3; about 3 "Keith Courage's", and about ten more that I can't remember off hand. A couple of Dungeon games.

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That's my problem

by Oz_Media In reply to Hey... I just sold mine t ...

I have friends with little kids, I have given away all my console games as they have grown up.

I guess they will be 50yrs old and selling it for a few grand on E-Bay, thinking that stupid old fool mum used to do, he had no idea how much these would be worth!


No, I'm not bitter about it. :)

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