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No more negotiations with Iran. It's time to declare war!!!

By sleepin'dawg ·
Dear Editor:

Mohamed ElBaradei, chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency
(IAEA), said last week that Iran is only a few months away from
producing a nuclear bomb--and suggested that the way to prevent this
is "to go back to the negotiating table" (i.e., cave in to extortion).
Following his suggestion would be suicidal.

No amount of negotiation will persuade the Iranian theocrats to give
up their longtime quest for nuclear bombs. To ensure Iran will not
produce--or use--nuclear bombs, the United States and its allies must
destroy Iran's nuclear facilities and wipe out its regime--and must do
so without delay.

Iran presents a much greater danger to the United States' security
than did Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Once Iran gets hold of nuclear
bombs, the United States will be an easy target for blackmail and a
likely target for mass destruction. As one of the principal
ideological sources of Islamist totalitarianism, Iran is an avowed
enemy of the United States and a leading state sponsor of terrorism.
It finances, trains, shelters and equips terrorists from organizations
like al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. Iran is currently
waging a proxy war against the United States in Iraq and killing
American soldiers by the dozens (if not by the hundreds). Under those
circumstances the United States has a moral right--indeed, a moral
obligation--to defend its people from Iran's threats and preempt
future terrorist attacks.

The Iranian regime has repeatedly threatened to use its
soon-to-be-produced nuclear weapons to wipe Israel off the map. It has
repeatedly called for "Death to America." These threats must be taken
seriously. We did not take Osama bin Laden's threats seriously, and
lost the Twin Towers. We do not want to make the same mistake with
Iran, and lose all of Manhattan.

David Holcberg
Ayn Rand Institute
Irvine, CA

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It is going to happen sooner or later. It is inadvisable to wait until they are in possession of a nuke. Better to have the war there than here especially with the potential for any fall out, nuclear or otherwise, no pun intended.

Dawg ]:)

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If we hadn't have been so dumb as to invade Iraq

by neilb@uk In reply to No more negotiations with ...

We would have had someone in the region as a counter to Iran. I don't think that we'd see too many Iranian nuclear facilities completed considering the emnity between the neighbours. Fairly obviously using 20/20 hindsight, we got the wrong country.

We would also have a lot more troops spare to invade the victor and pacify the whole region. The UK doesn't have a single spare soldier so if you want the US to invade they'll be on their own.

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make sense

by Garret` In reply to No more negotiations with ...

Read that and substitute 'Iran' with the 'United States', and the 'United States' with 'the rest of the world'. Some paragraphs made more sense to me that way.

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I suspect that this will be handled by Israelis

by road-dog In reply to No more negotiations with ...

After all, they have a history of that type of things. Remember Osirak? The Israelis know what they're dealing with. They have the doo-dads to do something about it.

The question is which Arab nations will come into it against Israel. I suspect that Syria will come into it, I think the Saudis will sit it out, wanting to keep the oil flowing. Egypt might be opportunistic, depending on which way they think it's going to go. My guess is that they will sit this one out though.

Iran is in no position to try to go to war with Israel and would have no small amount of trouble crossing Iraq to get to the fight.

I think the UN will condemn the action, but will do nothing of substance. After all, the nuclear program is in violation of UN intentions anyway. They will probably breathe a sigh of relief that thay won't have to do anything of substance themselves.

I think selling Israel a couple of our biggest bunker bunker bombs to destroy underground facilities might be fair payback for Iran's support of AlQeda and Iraqi insurgents. They already have nukes to deal with surface targets.

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Say you don't

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to No more negotiations with ...

think a nuclear capable 'enemy' invasion force dominated by a fundamentally opposed religious creed in a neighbouring state has anything to do with the Iranian posture do you ?

Silly Tony, silly.

Holcberg again, doesn't get out much does he. There are a lot of UK citizens of iranian extraction in the UK, if he came here, one complaint and and he would be toast. He'd be in Belmarsh next to the other preachers of violence.

PS, what allies ? He isn't seriously expecting international support for such a venture is he? Fellas got to be in la la land if he is.

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don't you see?

by dw_ay In reply to No more negotiations with ...

US and UN don't fair, that's why the terorist come. don't you see in Iraq? there is no nuclear or mass destruction weapons there, what about israel they are killing many innocent palestin children and women, US/UN just watch out, no one help so there come jihad actions, and I think Israel already has capability to produce a nuclear weapon but no one says it. what have people in Iraq and Palestin done to US or Israel before? No moslems like israel because too many killing they have done. It looks like moslem souls are no value for Israel. Why does US protect Israel? it must be a goal behind, does US have right to change Arab? The true moslem will not hurt anyone if they don't get hurt.

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Arab nations

by road-dog In reply to don't you see?

declared war on Israel the day it bacame a country..... And got their collective asses hammered into the sand.

Learn history from a book not in a Mosque. Be careful throwing the 'J' word around.

J - Jewish
I - Israelis
H - Have
A - Atomic
D - Devices

Y'all have a nice day now, y'hear?

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True moslem...

by noyoki In reply to don't you see?

> The true moslem will not hurt anyone if they don't get hurt.

Uh, it's not the *TRUE* moslem we are worried about or condemning. I don't count Al Queda as "True Moslem". (No, I'm not for the war against them in Iraq either, but that's a different topic.)

The point is, beaurocrats, politicians and war mongers don't CARE that they aren't living up to the 'rules' of their religion. All they see is a red haze clouding their vision. That haze is hate, prejudice, 9/11, call it what you will.

PS. Correct me if I'm completely wrong here, but we (the US - or the politicians/people in charge of it at least) DID bring 9/11 on ourselves more or less, by helping to train the Al Quieda then ditching them when it was convenient. Unfortunately, when you train a lap dog to become a viscious guard dog, you can't expect it to revert back to it's kind and gentle nature just because you are done with it.

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The training of dogs

by sleepin'dawg In reply to True moslem...

Generally speaking, when your need for guard and/or attack dogs is over; you put the dogs down becasuse they are too dangerous to be permitted to exist in regular civilized society.

Dawg ]:)

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This is totally ludicrous. Fundamental Islam is a religion of violence.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to don't you see?

In 1948 Israel did not attack its neighbors; the neighboring nations did, with the stated purpose of pushing Israel into the sea. Time and again the neighboring Arab nations have set out to destroy Israel and failed; mainly due to stupidity and incompetence. The fundamentalist Imans ignore the real neads of their people and are constantly encouraging them to attack Israel and the west, which in their eyes means primarily the USA. The centre of current Islamic hysterical fundamental philosopy is Iran and the sooner they are subdued the sooner the world will have some order of peace. For the present, all immigration from Islamic nations should be curtailed to exert pressure on Iran to change its ways. Failing that the present regime in Iran needs to be crushed. Under the current state of affairs, war with Iran is inevitable. Better to get it over now, while they don't have a nuclear capability than to wait until they do. Yes, lives will be lost but thousands more will be lost if we wait.

Dawg ]:)

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by noyoki In reply to This is totally ludicrous ...

As long as you can include the Christians in that hogwash, and... well... just about every organized religion has its vendettas, then sure, whatev.

Crusades anyone? With a side of witch trials?

Oh, and we ALL agree with our leaders, don't we? Go Bush! *sarcasm*

It's just the ones that make the news that you hear about. I'm sure there were Catholic/Christians that sheltered suspected witches even as there were those that turned them in because the person weighed as much as a duck. But do we hear of any in history?

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