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    no new blogs?


    by master3bs ·

    The New Blogs feature seems to be missing on the Blogs page; replaced by Hot Blog posts.

    Seeing the newest blogs (and discussions and questions and so on) is one of the best features the site has. Why is it missing?

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      Wasn’t much good stuff there

      by smorty71 ·

      In reply to no new blogs?

      To be honest, the new blogs view was often filled with not-so-good stuff. Because we allow members to import their blog RSS feeds into their TR blog, the new list was often dominated by 1 person (they had a bunch of posts that got imported at one time) or had posts from people trying to spam our blogs with offers of prom dresses or asian pearls.

      We switched to hot blog posts (which are chosen based on user comments) because we want to feature the “best” stuff on the door. And, until we have a blog rating system, number of comments is the best measure we have to determine that the content of the blog matters to other members.

      Hope that explains our reasoning.

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