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By FluxIt ·
Hey what ever happened to the days when people could park thier cars? I was called to IT meeting off site. When I got there there was no parking. They had parking for:

01. Pregnant women
02. Handicapped
03. Police
04. Service vehicles
05. Permit only
06. Visitors / Guest
07. Employee of the Month
08. Management only
09. Loading zone / standing only
10. Metered limited to 30 minutes
11. Security
12. VIP's
13. Checkin Only

I drove around and around until I found a lot where they charged me $10.00 for parking until 1700. I hiked 2 miles to the building had a 1 hr long meeting then hiked back.

That meeting could have been conducted using NetMeeting or MSN Messenger online and cost me nothing. Heck I could have sat in the 30 minute spot, uplinked with my notebook, and only paid the meter when the meter maid showed if she did.

When will people learn that technology can be a benefit?

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Don't I know it...

by gralfus In reply to NO PARKING...

I spent 4 days in Vegas at a vendor event, and could have learned the same information in a single day web seminar. (I don't care for Vegas, and the cost of the event and travel was significant.)

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by apotheon In reply to Don't I know it...

Next time you get that sort of deal, just give me the tickets and expense account. I'll go, record the relevant seminars, and send you the recordings. Problem solved. You won't even have to pay me for it.

I enjoy that sort of thing, and get to do it far too rarely.

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by mrafrohead In reply to solution

I want a copy too ;p

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Another parking story

by house In reply to NO PARKING...

That's funny. An IT buddy of mine got a $300 fine for parking in a Handi spot. He stopped for 2 minutes to bring a small piece of equipment up to the IT floor.

He should have parked in the fire route - would have been about $50 if he got caught. How twisted is that?

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Just as bad here

by moira In reply to NO PARKING...

I live in the UK and it's just as bad here. It's not just the added expense of parking and driving to meetings, it's the time it wastes as well.

I go to a regular evening class and there just isn't enough parking, particularly if there's a school parents evening on the same night.

The *only* place it's possible to park is the disabled bays, of which there are far more than are ever needed. They sit empty while people attempt to park in unsuitable places, double yellow lines, grass verges etc.

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by FluxIt In reply to NO PARKING...

technology reduce the need for face-2-face meetings? Most of the time I find only one or people need to talk but everyone else sort of sits around.

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i feel your pain..

by jkaras In reply to NO PARKING...

but I work in downtown Orlando that requires me to park three blocks away that work sponsors for free but it takes me 15 minutes to walk to and from work. On top of that the only way to get to work on time is taking a toll road that is just as congested as the interstate. I pay $3.50 a day to get to work not round trip. I utilize the EPASS system that electronically deducts the tolls from my account rather than stop to pay each toll. Its great technology however the EPASS lanes once past the tolls like 30 yards merge into one where all fight to jockey for position that causes road rage or accidents which in turn creates more traffic. Great idea, really poor planning as you see people with change moving like the express lane your in is supposed to flow.

the only issue I have with the pregnancy spots that any woman can claim that they just got pregnant if they arent showing. Everytime I go to the super market I see a perfectly good looking woman park there that rarely shows any sign of pregnancy let alone certain people who bogart the handicapped space because they have the decal for their infirm parents that they normally chauffer, but you never see anyone handicapped with them. I get the fire lane because lives are at stake rather than someone inconvienenced, but it sucks just the same.

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by FluxIt In reply to i feel your pain..

transportation and telecommunications are both skyrocketing. I drive 70 miles round trip every day to work and use the SUNPASS system.

My telecommunications cost is outrageous. Between DSL, A national dialup account, cellular, and 1FB phone I pay about $400.00/month. However, I could get more utility from the telecommunications than driving if they would package better services and more people learned how to use Messenger or NetMeeting.

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by Kolget In reply to NO PARKING...
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by apotheon In reply to FOOL!!!!!!!!!!

That didn't provide any positive influence in the discussion at all. Do you have something useful to say, or is this all you've got?

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