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    Noise at Workplace


    by it-boy ·

    I am a networking admin and would like to share this one with you , specially with networkin admins.I dont know if there’s a regulation for the office in which you guys work.I work in a room where there are four racks full of switches, routers and networking appliances.Because of this, the room is invaded with a sound that is often stressing (at the end of my shift) and at times , it keeps me from concentrating when i have to read a manual or technical paper for instance.
    Have you notices the same, are you isolated from the room where these equipments are? how can i measure the noise level and have a word with my employee?

    Thank you

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      by cactus pete ·

      In reply to Noise at Workplace

      First, you should discuss this with your boss and/or HR. If the noise is more than just distracting [loud enough to be dangerous] then you have a real issue here.

      If it’s just really annoying, use headphones.

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        by it-boy ·

        In reply to Anti-noise

        thanks for replying to all of you guys.

        : any specific kind of headphones?


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          by cactus pete ·

          In reply to headphones

          If you’re looking for noise reduction, I’m not sure which you might get. For REALLY noisy jobs, at home, I have some of those huge things you see the guys wearing down on the tarmac directing the planes… But at work, I use some nice Sennheiser [full size, not the little earbuds] HD-490 headphones to listen to whatever music fits what I’m working on for the day.

          Anyone else have suggestions?

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          At the risk of being an ad

          by oldefar ·

          In reply to headphones

          I recommend you try the Bose accoustic noise cancelling headphones rather than just the standard mouse ears or traditional stereo headphones. Key reason is that these will cancel the noise without preventing you from hearing conversation.

          As for regulations, in the US OSHA is the governing agency. Talk with your boss and see if he will either provide a solution for you (such as buying you noise suppression headphones) or will work with OSHA to identify the problem and come up with an area solution.

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      Noisy server rooms

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Noise at Workplace

      I used to work in a very noisy server room but since have left full time and now remote network P/T.

      BUT…I have managed call centers where agents are distracted by ambient noises and other talking to prospects. I found that by getting a HIGH-END walkman, that you could turn the sound so low it was barely audible but still came through both headphones (cheapies cut to right or left only at low volume). This worked the same as playing white noise in the office. It simply gives your ears something to focus on other than fan noises.

      When I worked out of my last office, I beat the noise by cranking music all day long. I placed a Hearing Protection Needed sign on my office door and warned of noise that may harm hearing. I even found a couple of washed up salesmen, who had given away thier lives to marriage an acting older or more grown up, that started listening to Led Zep and ACDC in the car again.

      Sound drowns sound. White noise drowns almost ANY sound, play some music.

      As Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of love…play on”

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      Soundproof walls

      by jim phelps ·

      In reply to Noise at Workplace

      I think you need to get some specific readings with a sound meter, and then do some research into how many decibels constitutes a dangerous sound level. Also, come up with one or more solutions (soundproof walls around the machines immediately comes to mind). Then present it to your company in a concerned way.

      If they won’t listen, present your findings to OSHA.

      They might buy into it to avoid OSHA action against them.

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