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    non-disclosure form


    by xiaitmb ·

    the company is seeking external system integrator to help solve some network issues. as the engineers/consultants will be accessing to the network information, the company would like to have the system integrator sign a non-disclosure form.
    appreciated someone able to share sample of a non-disclosure form? also shall this form be sign by the system integrator company or their consultant/engineer? thanks

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      by thechas ·

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      You really need to get the companies law firm or on-site consul involved in this.

      A non-disclosure agreement needs to be a legally binding contract.

      It must take into account all local laws and standards.

      Don’t risk your career or the future of your company with a downloaded form.

      It will be well worth the effort and expense to work with your lawyer.


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      by xiaitmb ·

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