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Not impressed

By THazlett ·
Yeah - pretty poor article.

Cloud hasn't taken off because of:
- Data Privacy issues; really ?!, how peculiar, imagine wanting your data being spied upon by any government that wanted to have a look.
- Local Reulations; so different countries have different laws and processes, well you learn something new everyday, and here was everyone thinking that every country in the world had the same regulations as the US.
- European Policies; once again knock me over with a feather, 30 odd countries all have different views on how their citizens should be looked after.
- The Euro is nearly kaput; honestly, this actually had to be mentioned, my 13 year old son could have told Gartner that.
- Service Outages; give me strength, this has been the No.1 issue (just ahead of privacy) for the whole life of the cloud.

What do you have to do to get a paid writer spot on this site, my son needs some extra pocket money and i'm sure he could survive the competition here.

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What was the original article?

by @ospero_jasonc In reply to Not impressed

Would be good to read to add context to your comments :)



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I think it was the one on why the cloud is not doing well in Europe

by Deadly Ernest In reply to What was the original art ...
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by @ospero_jasonc In reply to I think it was the one on ...

Cheers will read :)

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