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Noticed making spelling mistakes while writing...

By onbliss ·
I was horrified to discover that I am making more spelling mistakes while I write. When I am writing a word I know I am making a spelling mistake but somehow can not get the right one. This happens in meetings where I need to scribble notes. Is it because of time pressure...I need to scribble fast.

The fascinating aspect is my spelling has not gone bad when I type on the computer. Somehow my fingers seem to have adapted to the keyboard and seems to be losing touch with pen/pencil. It is like, when I can not remember a phone number that I often call but my fingers can punch the numbers exactly on the key pad.

Ofcourse when I say my fingers remember stuff I don't mean it literally. LOL I know brain is the Big Boss.

I found it intriguing. Are we seeing evolution in front of our eyes?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Noticed making spelling m ...

I found that my handwriting (which was once meticulous) had become scratchy and didn't look nice on the page. I used to write Calligraphy as fast as I could print but that went away too. After having a nasty car accident, I was unable to write and walk properly etc. due to motor skills being screwed up. I spent hours and hours with a pen and perfected my handwriting which many say is beautiful to read. Now since the PC took over my life, it was failing once again.

About a year ago, I started to write more and mroe, in fact my journal and day timer are now handwritten and not on the PC.

I have recovered the art of writing once again and happily write as much as I can, knows my typing sucks anyway!

You just have to write more, even if it is a babbly journal or something each day, writing (which we see as very simple) is actually a very complicated art. Our brains have to control our hand to make writing flow, all those loops and lines, curves and controlled strokes. It is amazing how we teach oursleves these simple things, like throwing a baseball, your mind can calculate distance weight, arc, velocity etc. in fractions of a second as we toss a ball around.

Prtactice your handwriting, people will notice how well you write as everything is online these days, writing is a lost art that must be kept up.

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Illegible writing

by jardinier In reply to Noticed making spelling m ...

As I started out as a journalist 45 years ago, I have predominantly used typewriters all my life.

However my handwriting and even hand printing have deteriorated so badly since I have been regularly using computers that I am now unable to write neatly -- legibly, yes, but not neatly. My handwriting could be likened to the tracks of a drunken spider.

So I cheat by typing correspondence using Lucida Handwriting font, which is as close as you can get to natural handwriting. To the uninitiated, it can easily pass as handwriting.

Incidentally, the first script font which I encountered was "Hancock." It is one of the nicest script fonts which I have found.

Now what is that expression about: "Putting your John Hancock on a document?"

By the way, I am seriously envious of my father, who never used a typewriter and could produce a copperplate signature as long as he lived.

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