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Now I have to go kill someone

By jdclyde ·
It is 11:30am, sitting at my desk TRYING to get some work done, and SOMEONE thinks they are funny and popped some popcorn!

Now that is all I can smell! wow, does that smell good! This will not be pretty when I find out who the offending person is!

How do you handle food smells in the work place?

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by jck In reply to Now I have to go kill som ...

just be frustrated and deal with it...that's how I do...since my new office is literally 5 steps from the kitchen down here.

And it's noisy as f**k too...I can barely work...boss heard I was upset with it here, and came and talked to me about it...he said "I would help you, but there's nowhere else I could move you."

I almost looked at him and said "How about our branch office that is 2 miles from my house that they're expanding?", but he wants me under his'm SOL.

Buncha crap...ready to go work at Perkins restaurant prepping the buffet.

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by Too Old For IT In reply to um

They rebuilt the two cubes acrsoss from mine with low "admin assistant" walls. Too bad the two people that work there are deeply involved in really important stuff.

Now the aisleway is a fricken conference room 8 hours a day.

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post signs

by w2ktechman In reply to Noise?

The food is a different story, but for nonstop chitter chatter, post signs in the aisleway reminding people to be quiet and that people are working.

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Sitting here this morning...8:23am

by jck In reply to Noise?

Our offices have the cube walls and the non-sound-absorbing ceiling tiles. hence, I can hear anything spoken in a normal voice for about 30 feet around me. Plus, people go in and out of the, I am hearing them talk while they wait for things to cook and get coffee and snacks, as well as all the other noise.

I hear 3 individual conversations, 2 inspectors on their walkie-talkie phones talking to field workers, and have heard 2 phones ring in the time I've typed this.

Just ludicrous, when they have a customer service manager who has 2 offices at 2 sites. I could be in that 2nd office over 2 miles from my house.

But nooooooooo...


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hey you

by Shellbot In reply to Sitting here this morning ...

i'm sensing some disatisfaction there..

how you been?

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I been okay...I guess

by jck In reply to hey you

Yes...even tho my boss is a nice guy and I work with some good people...this job went from okay to a place where they are hiring bozos from the big city who are wanting to set up fifedoms rather than get their work done.

I'm about to list my house on the market (and hopefully sell it) and move into an apartment and have a life again.

Only had 2 companies even correspond with me in Ireland. One said they wouldn't be sponsoring a work authorisation...the other the HR director wanted to talk to me, but he had a lot of EU applicants and he had to prove them unqualified before he could even think of talking to me about the position.

Nothing has worked out yet...hope I get something before next summer...and another hurricane season

BTW...I have 3 leather coats now...I'm well prepared for Irish winters

hope you're ok...drop me a line? :)

If you do, I'll tell you about our new customer service manager...typical friggin tie brandisher...

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by Shellbot In reply to I been okay...I guess

sorry to hear its not going so great.
ya, the government really clamped down on hiring non EU. They've made it so hard that most employers aren't bothering. But don't give up.
If all else fails, hook up with an Irish chick :)

me..not so fan-friggin-tastic, but life goes on..
i'll drop you a line soon and we can catch up a bit..go on, tell me about the manager..i like hearing about walking talking a$$holes :)

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You've got mail

by ProblemSolverSolutionSeeker In reply to ick

Why do I think I am watching the movie here

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How did we (Bi-Pedal Carbon Units) get to the top of the food chain

by cewallace In reply to um

I worked alone as a roving troubleshooter for decades. After recovering from injuries suffered in an industrial accident in 1998 I took a few classes and obtained A+ and MS NT4 Certification. Working inside, in an Office atmosphere was new and frankly quite nice for some time. Working with the Ladies had me distracted for a while, I had been working with Gorillas for decades.
Once the honeymoon was over, I noticed that many 'People(Users)' are , shall we say, 'Challenged'!!
Challenged = Lazy, Stupid, Ignorant, Inconsiderate, Unaware, Oblivious, Jack-Offs!!!
Burned popcorn, fish, spilled coffee, food left in frig, mysterious stains on carpet and cubicle panels, etc, etc......

But, many of these same 'People' are computer illiterate as well , and therefore Job Security for US.

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Oh, I could tell you stories...

by Menace65 In reply to How did we (Bi-Pedal Carb ...

I think the people who work at my company must be related to the ones who work at yours! The level of inconsideration is incredible. We've had to batten down any food that comes in the door (nevermind it's for a meeting and covered up, they break into it), burned popcorn EVERY day (they *like* it that way?!), UDOs (unidentified disgusting objects) in the fridge, people who take out all the Sweet & Low packets in the container looking for that ONE Equal packet and leave the Sweet & Lows strewn about. I have to say, it's the Finance group that is the absolute worst! At least in the IT department, whomever shows such signs of inconsideration are lambasted within an inch of their life. Then again we lambast each other just for the **** of it too!


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