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Occupy Wall St.

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I'm excited to see people protesting in the streets about the poor state of our country. I might join them one day! Though they are loosely defined right now, I think Occupy Wall St. is a revolt against greed, money and power, but mostly it???s about the power of the people when they unite for a common cause.

These signs speak for themselves. They are very honest. (some profanity)

This revolt is fueled by the joblessness in this country and the 2008 financial meltdown caused by reckless banking practices. It???s about the growing inequality between rich and poor. The banks got bailed out on taxpayer money. Failed big businesses, like GM and AIG, were bailed out. The rest of us were left a lot poorer as a result. Four long years after the meltdown, economic conditions look bleaker than ever for many people.

When I look at the Occupy Wall St. protesters, I see people that just want to have a fair shot at a decent life. Isn't that what we all want? They aren???t the Tea Party of the left. I think they are mostly apolitical, at least right now. It will be interesting to see where this growing movement goes and what effect it will have on our government and our lives in the future. I don't think its going away.

They have achieved one major thing so far. They started a conversation in this country about greed and how big money people and corporations control our government, not the people. That's a conversation worth having.

An interesting take . . .


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Just two observations:

by hippiekarl In reply to You could say the same ab ...

1) The Tea 'Party', who point out Soros $ aiding OWS, are themselves the creation of, and beholden to, the infamous Koch Bros.
2) I humbly suggest 'Wallbangers' for OWS's colloquial moniker....

"Thanks; I'll hang up and listen".....*click*

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No I'm not going there as there are way too many links

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You're right

That would be posted and it would break TR completely.

But if you want to look with Open Eyes just pickup any Mass Media Publication and read it. You'll find the necessary information to prove that they are Raciest Bigots.

I don't need to post links to what is the Bleeding Obvious to anyone with even half a Lobotomized head.

Now that we have finished with that lot of scum lets start on the rest of the waste of space Politicians.

Col :^0 :^0

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I'm sure...

by jp85257 In reply to No I'm not going there as ...

all those people of other colors that attend the Tea Party meetings would be shocked to find out they're all racists.

Maybe, it's just the publications you subscribe to.

BTW, did you know if you say the word "guacamole" real slow, it sounds just like you're saying "gullible"?

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Perhaps you should look

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'm sure...

In the Main Stream Media.

As a person who Hates ALL Politicians I don't give any of them the smallest chance to warp my mind with their misguided beliefs and downright Bull _Shit. Just listen what the so called Members of the Tea Party say they want to achieve and it's very hard to believe that they are anything but what they are.

Of course if you are a fully Lobotomized Fool who believes that Politicians are there for our own good and firmly believe the saying Hi I'm from the Government and I'm here to help you. There is no hope as not even the Gullible believe that crap.

Once upon a Time in a Galaxy Far Far away I was involved in the starting of a Community Group and the Loonies that crawled out of the woodwork attempting to Hijack that Organizations Agenda for their own ends had to be seen to be believed.

Needless to say getting rid of the Loonies and Red Necks was the easy part as once they even looked as if that crowd had been involved no one took any notice of the Organization again and just dismissed them as Fringe Loonies.

It took 2 years to get back to where we where before that first Open Meeting which was open the the public where groups like the Confederate Action Party, Survivalists, neo-Nazis, 'White rights', secessionists, etc. We even had members of Shin Fein wanting to join.

When you let it be known that you associate with those type of people you are shot before you begin and unless you do something to stop them hijacking your Agenda which the Tea Party Has Not you get exactly what you deserve.

If you are happy to be associated with those people to get Press Coverage you are a Racist Bigot who deserves no second thought.

Basically if you do nothing to prevent that type of Person/Organization from representing you and actively encourage them to you are ignored from the very beginning as a Dangerous Bunch of Fringe Radicals who need to be shut down at best and left alone to stew in their own juices normally.

Just remember that the Brown Shirts in Germany expounded exactly the same beliefs as the Reported Tea Party does now and look where that took us all for a lovely ride. You want to associate with Loonies you get exactly what you deserve. :^0

Of course if you care to post links to the Tea Party decrying the comments that have been made in it's name I'm all ears but currently they don't exist. As things currently stand the Tea Party Group is nothing more than Media _Whores who will say anything to see their names in the Press.


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by jp85257 In reply to I'm sure...

So, you rely on the MSM for your information? No wonder you're so misinformed. The only accurate reporting on the MSM is sports scores and they even get those wrong on occasion.

You hate politicians but want to give them even more control over your life? I guess that makes sense to a liberal.

Here's a news flash for you: those "free" handouts they keep promising you aren't really free. I know that's confusing for someone who relies so heavily on the MSM, but it really is the truth.

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Full of sound and fury

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Occupy Wall St.

All I'm hearing from this crowd is complaints. If they've offered a single viable suggestion, I haven't yet heard it. In this, they're not different from the Tea Party movement.

I wonder how many of those in either movement is even registered to vote. Of that 99% they're so concerned with, only 71% were registered in 2008, and only 64% voted. The one-third of us that sit on our butts could easily out-vote that 1% this movement thinks is taking unfair advantage.

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after which..

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Full of sound and fury

big corporate will buy whoever you voted into office

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I don't exactly blame the Supreme Court for that,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to after which..

although I do question their deciding the legal entities have the same rights as people, and that donating money is equivalent to speech. I'll stick to my platform of changing campaign finance so that only those registered to vote in a district can donate money to its candidates. If you aren't a registered voter in Miami, you can't contribute to people running for mayor. If you aren't registered in Michigan, you can't donate to its gubernatorial or US senatorial candidates. (Why the **** is the governor of SC fund raising in NY???) You can only vote for one candidate in the primary and one in the general election, so you can only donate to one candidate in each of those contests.

It will take a Constitutional amendment to override the Supremes' decisions. It would certainly save candidates all that fund raising they claim they abhor. It would also take corporation, unions, non-profits, etc. out of the game.

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... It would also take corporation, unions & non-profits out of the game...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I don't exactly blame the ...

or at least make it harder for them.
The republicans have gotten burned for doing campaign financing stunts to squirm out of even the present rules (DeLay, anyone?) ... so I guess they'll wanna at least try to screw over a new system as well...

But other than that, it sounds really good.
Occupy Wall street can probably be swung around to support that one, rumble it through.

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by jp85257 In reply to ... It would also take co ...

No mention of any Democrats who have gotten burned for breaking campaign finance rules?

Your bias is showing.

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