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Odd Computer Dreams

By Roger99a ·
I just woke up from the oddest dream. My wife and I were discussing where to put the computer for our cats. The cats were asking for an extra internet connection for when they work on other cat's computers. This is stupid on so many levels: first of all, between my wife and I (she's a geek queen) we have 10 computers in the house for two people. The cats could use one of the existing computers if they wanted. Second of all, where are they going to find work? They never leave the house and don't even know any other cats? They can't use a screwdriver since they have no thumbs, and they type by walking on the keyboard! Anyway, tech specs on the computer: it was a Via Epia C3 1ghz system with 256mb RAM mounted in a nice cherrywood humidor type box about 8 inches square. Looked real good in the living room.

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My Opinion

by Choppit In reply to Odd Computer Dreams

I don't suppose it really matters where you put their computer as long as you can get a length of CAT5 to it. As for walking on the keyboard, I wouldn't stand for it, I'd make them learn to type properly or do without.An hour a day with Mavis Beacon should do the trick....

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by jdmercha In reply to Odd Computer Dreams

The cat is a representation of the womb. In this case you mothers. You are expressing a guilt complex brought on by the separation from your mother, in favor of your wife. You cat's demand for an extra connection, reflects your desire to reconnect with the womb.

- S. Freud

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A basic need

by Bob in Calgary In reply to Odd Computer Dreams

Maybe they are communicating a need to play with a mouse.

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The Doctor is In

by Hockeyist In reply to Odd Computer Dreams

Hmmmmmm....I see. And how did that make you feel?Hmmmmmm....I see. And how did that make you feel?
Hmmmmmm....I see. And how did that make you feel?Hmmmmmm. ..I see. And how did that make you feel?
Analysis; You had a really wierd dream...Don't sleep with the TV on...
Sorry, we're out of time. $120 please....

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by Salamander In reply to Odd Computer Dreams

Let's just distill this one to its basic points, to what your fur people are probably trying to transmit to you in your slumber...

In your dream, your cats want a nice new box.

I'd consider buying them a new litterbox.

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New box

by Roger99a In reply to Hmmm....

They already have one of those $100 auto-dumpers. They also have a brand new kitty play box, too. Those damn cats are just spoiled.

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Be careful

by jdclyde In reply to Odd Computer Dreams

Whatever you do, you do NOT want to anger the feline Gods. They have ways of dealing with any who displease them.

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~evil grin~

by Jaqui In reply to Be careful

well the manager for my building has nice white cat, it's name is SUNDAY.
( it cuse he got his nards nicked )

I call the cat in sunday dinner.

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by CuteElf In reply to Be careful

Not possible, since the cats already deserve the best treatment possible

I have 2 kitties. One's a Gomer Pyle with a tail fetish, and the other is a disinterested Queen of Household.

they like to leave little pressies for me if I've been a bad mommy. :)

Meine katzen ist komish: my cat is weird *german*


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My German Shepard

by radiic In reply to Spoiled?

I had a dream about my dog and my computer, but strange it was the fact that she just wanted to eat the thing.

As for cats, well she likes those too. :)

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