Office 2007 basic-Win XP pro

By petya_koleva ·
Is there a problem while installing MS Office 2007 on Win XP pro- I give up- may be I'm doing something very stupid or miss something, but I can not install correctly !!! MS Office 2007 on Win XP pro,
MS Office 2007- doesn't allow me to activate it????
I do not have same problem with installing MS Office 2007 on Wista and Win XP home....
The already installed office 2007 looks like in read-only mode only over Win XP pro- I don't see any sensible reason, so help....
(excuse my stupid question but I have to manage the problem as soon as possible and don't have time to read a lot
Sorry once again for the stupid question and thank u in advance

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How many different copies of Office 07...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Office 2007 basic-Win XP ...

are you trying to install on these 3 different operating systems?

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didn't understand me

by petya_koleva In reply to How many different copies ...

I have only one copy- I must activate it only on XP pro , so I tried first it didn't happen.
I decided to try on different Win (XP home and Vista) - so it asked me for activation , but I didn't activate it.(I'm not so stupid...)
(Install- Unstall :))

The problem is that it even doesn't come to the step of activation when it's XP pro- it's more clear now I hope.... anyway...
thank u for trying to help me

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Is your XP Pro up to date?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to didn't understand me

Have you installed all service packs for XP Pro and all of the security patches after that, bring it fully up to date before trying to install Office?

Does the XP Pro machine meet or exceed system requirements for Office?

Have you checked the add/remove programs to make sure it's not partially installed and needs to be fully unistalled and tried again?

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by petya_koleva In reply to Is your XP Pro up to date ...

The first two "yes"- I think the answer is in the third question.
10x again

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Phone Validation

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to thanks

I installed the Student Ed of Office 07 on my little brother's laptop, (XP Pro.) I fould that I had to validate the copy of the phone, it wouldn't validate of the web. Maybe that's your problem???

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Installer Cleanup

by willcomp In reply to Office 2007 basic-Win XP ...

You may need to remove Windows Installer information for Office:

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