Office SP3

By wesley.chin ·
Is it needed? I have a hard time getting the powers-that-be to let me install service packs, including XP SP2.

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Gotta love those higher-ups.

by bart777 In reply to Office SP3

The only thing you can do is look at what the updates fix and then make your pitch based on stability and security.

With most management types if you paint a dire picture of what could happen if you DON'T patch, you can usually get it put in place. Time to put on the salesman hat.

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Depends if it breaks anything

by OH Smeg In reply to Office SP3

If it does then it's not necessary and if forced onto the Upper Management may result in your termination.

If it doesn't break anything then it probably will not hurt.

Before you come off with the Doom & Gloom the Service Pack should be fully tested to see if there are any issues with your current setup.

It has been known to stop Scanners working.


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by wesley.chin In reply to Depends if it breaks anyt ...

It has been known to have scanner issues? What kind of issues?

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Some Scanners can no longer scan into Word.

by OH Smeg In reply to ?

You need to remember that this is a Business Application not a domestic install.


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Quick Question

by IC-IT In reply to Some Scanners can no long ...

Was that entirely due to the SP or was McAfee < 8.5 and E-Pol < 3.6 used?
Before we upgraded to the 8.5 with the latest E-Pol we had this issue and traced it to McAfee. Could no longer scan to Word or PDF.
The main issue was that the scan program relies on other executables to actually transfer the data and McAfee would block it, then the program would return an error.

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Not really sure on that one

by OH Smeg In reply to Quick Question

A couple of questions have been asked here about Scanners no longer working after SP3 for Office 2003 has been installed.

I'm assuming that the Scanner Problem was brought about by SP3 as in 1 case the person was adamant that nothing else had been added company wide except SP3.

I believe that they solved their problem with a new scanner in that case. I'm not sure though as I'm not actually there but the person in question marked that as a Helpful response.

I test every M$ update before deployment and *I personally have not had an issue with SP3. But I do have limited exposure to it in the Business Environment.


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Thanks I missed that info <NT>

by IC-IT In reply to Not really sure on that o ...
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Funny thing.

by normhaga In reply to Here is what I found on S ...

I installed SP3 with the administrator options. Now the updates want me to update to SP1.

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by wesley.chin In reply to Funny thing.

What is the OS that is installed?

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