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oh yeah

By Jaqui ·
Happy thanksgiving.
today, october 10 is Thanksgiving.

so, for all those who celebrate the destruction of millions of people's way of life, the mass slaughter of billions of living creature.
go ahead, celebrate the harvest from your stolen lands, watered with spilled blood.

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by gralfus In reply to oh yeah

So how is it different than the British taking the lands of the Scots and other Gaelic folks? Nearly all the present gov't systems around the world got there by squashing others and taking what they had. Throughout history, this has been the way things are. Only in recent history have the world powers questioned themselves seriously about conquest. Our approach with the American Indians was also one of conquest. They lost, we have the land. Now they have casinos and some are becoming millionaires.

We also kill and eat lots of other creatures to stay alive. We even have cooking shows on TV that "glorify" the carcasses. Then again, there are lots of other carnivores and bugs that kill and eat the creatures around them. So what?

Life goes on, but it rarely stays the same for long. It is not reasonable to assume that our culture, sucessful as it is, will remain viable and in control. Those who overthrow us may not even be technologically advanced, just lucky. The face of the world will change as a result, but that is the way of things. The Persians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, etc, all held world power at one time. Now they don't. We shouldn't assume that we will continue to lead the pack, despite our current freedoms, culture, and technology.

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Hows it different?

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to ok

'So how is it different than the British taking the lands of the Scots and other Gaelic folks? '

Simple - we dont celebrate it!

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Neither do we

by jdclyde In reply to Hows it different?

"Thanks Giving" is not a celebration of the overthrow of the "Indian" nations.

While it is funny and distorted as to what our part really was in the hunting and gathering, it is MEANT to have people stop and look around themselves. To be happy with what you have, instead of always wishing for what you don't have.

As for feeling sorry for the "poor Indian", the bleeding hearts often neglect that they got where they were primarily by warring with other tribes as many were NOT peaceful farmers.

"We" did to them what they did to the people before them.

I personally will completely enjoy my turkey dinner, with mashed potatos, corn, dressing and pie!

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My Thanksgiving dinner

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Neither do we

I will feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals and fruit bats.

Lot better than last year, when I had spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam.

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Ok then

by zlitocook In reply to oh yeah

You need to review history, stop reading the stuff you are reading and look at what is going on now! Please reduce in take of Caffeine and walk in the shoes of other people. This has been going on for well, for ever. Look at the people who **** them selfs up with babies and women who have nothing to do woith the problem. Will this fix the problem? No it just gives the people who plan those things a big laugh because they do not **** them selfs up!
You need to research this in more detail and please ask if you need more info.
I would be happy to help you, I am more then half indian and would be happy to help you find reasions to help others and help your self!

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Lighten up

by puppybreath In reply to oh yeah

Geez! Have you tried switching to decaf? If life is so terrible that you have nothing to be thankful for and all you see is the doom and gloom, maybe you should take the easy way out. I can't wait for your take on Christmas. It will probably have something to do with Christmas trees behind barbed wire in Christmastreetion camps where they are allowed to slowly dry up and die. Life's too short to always be negative and miserable.

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Nice...that was a quality post

by JRod86 In reply to Lighten up

My grandfather grew up on a reservation and worked for years to get himself off of it. Why not take on a better issue such as obesity or something more relevant. Or why not mention Christmas, a holiday that is meant to celebrate the life of a guy that was probably born in June, but the Christians didn't want the Romans 180 day orgy to suck in there followers and decided to plant their holiest of days right in the middle of it...

How about we make a decision to celebrate the ideals behind these holidays rather than remembering the pain that the events brought?

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Funny timing

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Lighten up

As I was reading puppybreath's posting, Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American" came on the radio.

jaqui, I'm so glad you're able to post what you want without fear of government reprisal. That's what we'll be celebrating down here in six or seven weeks.

I've got no control over what others did in the past, and feeling guilty about their actions will not accomplish anything. If you'd like to suggest constructive ways to resolve the problems you perceive, please let us know what they are.

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up there, down here

by ITgirli In reply to oh yeah

up there you can enjoy your thanksgiving, but we still have a month and two weeks to go. I personally will be celebrating the mass slaughter of potatoes, as my family eats a lot of them. I myself will not be wringing the turkey's neck, but maybe the neck's of annoying family members in keeping with the tradition of slaughter.
Many happy holidays to you and yours and keep up that warm and toasty feeling you so expressed.

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Republic Day

by john.a.wills In reply to oh yeah

in Portugal (10.10.1**0), but I don't think they celebrate it nowadays, having had 2 revolutions since - I imagine they celebrate the most recent revolution.

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