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Ok I have done this many times

By zlitocook ·
I work in the medical and health sector. I have been a contractor in the banking and government sector. And because of security you are not allowed to down load or update computers. I have found that the security section will not get along with the support people and visa versa.
With the new job I have it is the same with one difference we have three subnets and three different sectors to talk to.
This is all because of SOX and Gram/LEA,
I have complete control of a floor, with two IDF closets and four severs. But my severs are in the data center, which I can not get into!
I have been given alot of rights but still can not do what I need to do.
I only need to provide help to a few nurses and thier computers

Because of network security: down loading or tying to access sites or programs is prohibited. So I by pass these to do my job; what do you think about this? If you need to fix a computer and you are blocked from down loading. What would you do?
A. call the help desk, wait for hours, and tell them what you are doing?
B. Find what you need and down load it to fix the problem.
C. Just fix it and tell the help desk what you did.

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Get clerification

by jdclyde In reply to Ok I have done this many ...

If it is part of my job to fix computers, and part of fixing computers means downloading, I would make sure I have permission to do my job.

If there is a policy in place stating otherwise, you need to address this BEFORE doing a download against policy.

Fixing that one system now is not worth your job. How do they expect you to do your job if that is a tool they are denying you?

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Well this is a new division

by zlitocook In reply to Get clerification

Of the company and I am a new hire. My boss is in another state and the local security was not told about me. I arrived on site and had to talk my way into the company and then let security check me out. I did get a company badge and access to the floor but still need access to other things. Like down loading from the Internet.
I am one of those people that can walk into a company and have the security people do what ever I want. I have problems with too many layers of security, the local security gives me what I want but the security groups can not get together and give the access I need.
My boss said they are working on it last month, so I call the help desk about every day to keep my problem known.
There are many levels of security and reasions why you need access.
I love my job! And I hope it stays this way, because it would be a long day if every thing worked the way it is suppose to.

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you're just making this up as you go along

by Absolutely In reply to Well this is a new divisi ...


What are you downloading? Why don't you have permission? Why was your first post so vague?

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I work for a company that

by zlitocook In reply to you're just making this u ...

Keeps and updates medical records. They also supply medical information to doctors and help patents with their health. This location is alot more secure then others that I have worded at.
I do not joke about real problems, yes I have made fun at some places that I have worked at but I only joke about what I need to.
Sorry if it seemed that I was adding to the post!
This is an on going problem for techs. In this area, we get a job and are told get the job done.
But when the tech. try?s to do the job they have to jump from one help desk to another. And still have to wait for an ok just to do one little thing, like add a program or install a driver.
I was just trying to down load a video driver

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What I do and what my users do are two different things

by DMambo In reply to Ok I have done this many ...

It's my job to be responsible for the systems in my plant and for a handful of remote users. If I tie my hands by waiting for a helpdesk, "official" solution, then I'm forcing downtime on my users.

Now, I'm pretty lucky in that I have quite a bit of autonomy, but the way I see it, good feedback to my boss(es) from my users helps my career more than getting chastised for going outside of policy will hurt it.

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I might hope so :)

by rob mekel In reply to What I do and what my use ...

if the users were doing your job you would be out of it very soon. :^0

The policy has a reason, I for one would not hope that by my doing(going again a policy without clearance) my boss/company loses a contract (being xx% of my company's turn-a-round) due to LAN/WAN failure caused to the virus I got into the network!!! I'm just guessing but I think that really would hurt your career!

So my advice is: first get clearance and then go for it. Better even to get the clearance as exception to the policy (as jd suggests)


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It all depends on your boss(es)

by jdclyde In reply to What I do and what my use ...

If they buy into you getting the end-user back up and running as more important than the rule of law, your in and looking pretty.

Some managers are the ones that put the rules in place and take it as a personal insult if you defy THEM.

Do the job they way your boss wants it done. If there is a delay because of policy, let the end user know they are down and have to wait till you get your hall pass so you can fix them and it won't be more than an hour before you can start working on their issue.

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That's right, and I'm pretty lucky

by DMambo In reply to It all depends on your bo ...

My boss is much happier if he hears nothing from me. He's a pretty busy guy, responsible for administartion of around 15 sites, including some large sites, so if he hears nothing from my little corner of the world, he assumes everything is OK.

I've worked for micromanagers in the past who could not operate that way.

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MicroManagers..... ~~shudder~~

by jdclyde In reply to That's right, and I'm pre ...

I do not work well with someone looking over my shoulder all the time. I am not a kid, but will act that way if you treat me that way.

About the only time I see my boss is if he breaks something or he wants to know how something does something. Beyond that I email him what I am doing and how it is going. They see all the systems having much less down time (thanks to tips I get at TR! ;\ ) and they see that as me doing my job well.

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works fine until...

by waity85 In reply to It all depends on your bo ...

Assuming your boss gives you the autonomy that you need bypass the rules on the fly, this situation is great. Until you bypass or violate the rules and mess up.

How understanding is you boss going to be then?

Bending rules is fine, as long as you can cover your assets (as it were).

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