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    Okay, Saint Paddy’s Day is over. Now we need a few good hangover cures.


    by sleepin’dawg ·

    And not the type that includes a hair of the dog. Bloody bog trotters got me again. I’m a whiskey drinker and I’ll guzzle Jameison’s or Bushmill’s, no problemo.I especially like Black Bush but the the Micks keep insisting I drink Guiness or green colored beer. Guiness must be an acquired taste and is not too terrible but green colored beer???


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      What’s the point in having a tame biochemist

      by neilb@uk ·

      In reply to Okay, Saint Paddy’s Day is over. Now we need a few good hangover cures.

      if you don’t use him?

      The main symptoms of your hangover are caused the toxic by-products of alcohol metabolism – mainly acetaldehyde. This is combined with dehydration and Vitamin A, B and C depletion caused by the metabolism of alcohol in your system.

      In addition, impurities called congeners poison you. I’ll use the common names. Ethyl alcohol gets you pissed, amyl, butyl, methyl, propyl and isopropyl alcohols are also found in most drinks to varying degrees. The concentration of congeners will go a long way to determining the severity of the hangover. The darker the drink – the worse the hangover.

      Less well known is that, since the natural oxidation product of ethanol is acetaldehyde, finishing off a three-day old already open bottle of red wine will provide you with acetaldehyde so you don’t have to wait for your liver to make it in order to have a hangover. This is worth knowing if entertaining people you don’t like as the taste is not obviously changed.

      For the cure – as many of these as you can cope with. Most of them are good to do BEFORE, as well.

      What you’re trying to do is put back stuff that you took out and get rid of stuff that you put in. The liver took most of the hit and it will do most of the work getting rid so it would like some fructose (fruit sugar) please.

      Vitamin B6. you haven’t got any? Tough. Send someone out but get some! In the UK there is a vitamin supplement called Berocca (made by Bayer and sold at Boots) which puts the vitamin B back in. It’s drunk in a big glass of water which is also good for the dehydration. It is BRILLIANT!

      Coke – but NOT diet. Fizzy so it will settle the nausea, water for the dehydration, sugar to raise your low blood sugar level and help the liver and a caffeine hit.

      Coffee or Tea – No bubbles to help ease the nausea but is liquid and caffeine. Take it with honey – even if you don’t usually take sugar – as this is fructose and is absorbed quicker than normal sugar.

      Breakfast. Something in your stomach is good, and salty is even better AND you get a Vitamin top up. Fruit is good (for the fructose). Best of all, bananas. Sugar in the form of fructose, very high potassium (you peed a lot of that away last night), natural antacid to settle the nausea and high magnesium which can help relax your blood vessels and ease the headache.

      Apparently (according to four websites) the best sandwich is peanut butter, honey and banana on white bread.

      Painkillers sort the headache. Do NOT take aspirin before going to bed.

      Vitamin C is something to put back in as soon as possible. Chug a litre of orange or tomato juice, take a 1000mg Vitamin C tablet, just get it down.

      A very hot bath – even better, a sauna – will sweat out the toxins that are causing all the problems. You may feel woozy at first but stick with it and you’ll feel better afterwards.


      Post edited so I don’t give anyone ulcers (aspirin)

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      A sort of cure

      by fonken monken uk ·

      In reply to Okay, Saint Paddy’s Day is over. Now we need a few good hangover cures.

      1) Cut one large bit of rind of a bit of bacon – smokey bacon is optional, but you want a good bit of rind

      2) Take the rind and roll it up, then tie a bit of string around it. Have the string about 2ft long and the rind tied at one end.

      3) Swallow the bacon rind. Then pull it back up again. Repeat as many times as necessary, until you no longer feel sick

      4) or until you are sick!!!

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      by maecuff ·

      In reply to Okay, Saint Paddy’s Day is over. Now we need a few good hangover cures.

      A glass of water after every alcohol drink. Drink a big glass of water before going to bed (or passing out) That always works for me.

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        That actually works.

        by sleepin’dawg ·

        In reply to alternate

        Alcohol is a diuretic and can make you dehydrated if you don’t keep ingesting water. Also you tend to flush minerals from your system causing an imbalance in your blood electolytes. If you can remember to do it; a bananna, a glass of milk and a couple of saltine crackers will go a long way to top up your potassium, calcium and sodium levels and if you drink a glass of water after brushing your teeth; you will probably be okay in the morning. I try to leave a bottle of Gatorade out when I know I’m going to be imbibing just in case I don’t feel like going through the bananna, milk, cracker routine and/or brushing my teeth. This also works. I seldom ever have a hangover but every once and a while, especially after falling into the clutches of those crazy bog trotters, I’ll get one. The Irish have raised drunkeness to the level of a cultural art form. Thank God they only get one day a year to display it but they practise on it the other 364 days of the year. :^O

        Dawg ]:)

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      Need to get sober fast..

      by tomsal ·

      In reply to Okay, Saint Paddy’s Day is over. Now we need a few good hangover cures.

      While completely naked (or if you are in the south “nekkid”) insert your hoo-hah in the path of a sliding glass door.

      Gauranteed to make you sober real fast.


      PS. Not that I tried this before or

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