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old computer w/redhat also xp installed

By littlewoodhull ·
I bought an old HP Vectra VL with Red Hat installed. I managed to add a new hard drive and install Windows XP. This system has no modem but I would like to add one. Will this be a problem? Can the modem be XP compatable? What do I need to do to make this work with a modem? I did install an old moden, which was said to be working correctly. But, while quirying the modem, it did not work,

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by JEPott In reply to old computer w/redhat al ...

Installing a modem should not be a problem - make sure you have the correct drivers for your modem. You can get these from the manufacturer's website or you could try a site like When the modem installed, did it just use the built in Windows drivers or did you actually use the manufacturer's cd/disk? I would first try re-installing the modem using the manufacturer's drivers. You might also try moving the modem to another slot. It's possible that your modem is bad and that you will simply need to get a new one.

Hope that helps a bit,

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to old computer w/redhat al ...

If it is a modem with a serial connection, make sure you try both COM1 and COM2 connections if you PC has two serial ports.

With a serial connection you can normally test without installing the manufacturer's drivers. When you add the modem, select 'Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list' and then select 'Standard 28800bps Modem'. You can set the maximum port speed under Modem Properties to e.g. 115200.

Usually it is a good idea to reset the modem to its factory settings. You can communicate with the modem using Hyperterminal, which can be found under Accessories - Communications. If you can find a manual for the modem, it may have a list of the AT commands you can use, for example AT&F to reset it to factory settings. You can add this string to the Extra Settings under Modem Properties and it will reset the modem before the modem tries to connect.

If you need to dig further into the modem and how to control it, you can find a list of Hayes compatible command strings at

The page at shows how to investigate the modem configuration in Hyperterminal and dial manually to test the modem.

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by littlewoodhull In reply to old computer w/redhat al ...

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