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On a lighter note

By neilb@uk ·
I thought that I'd post a lighter message with all the current rant on Israel and welcome back Tony Hopkinson who has been absent for a while.

Today is, appropriately, "Yorkshire Day".

Take a couple of minutes out to listen to the voices and, no, I can't understand half of it either.


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by gadgetgirl In reply to On a lighter note

Favouritsm, that's wot it is, bloody favouritism.

Where's my Geordie day, then?




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If I find it, I'll post it!

by neilb@uk In reply to OY!! YOU!

There must be one. It's only southern sorts like me with no regional pride who don't get any day at all.

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To that fact...

by Jellimonsta In reply to OY!! YOU!

Where is my "Black Country transplant in the US Mid-West" day??

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That's next Wednesday

by neilb@uk In reply to To that fact...

if you send me $100, I will get all of the details sent to you so you can see wozapanin.

Orroit cocka?

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by Jellimonsta In reply to That's next Wednesday

That's bostin' thar is ar kid!!

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Maybe you only get mention

by jdclyde In reply to OY!! YOU!

if you have a pudding named after you?

Have I mentioned the boys have asked me to make that Bolganese yorkie for them? They got some as left overs from when you were wonderful enough to help me make it for the Country Girl, and want to give it a shot again.

Told them it is a two day process, so we have to plan it out! Soon. Between that and I have to find the email with the directions again! Good think I don't get rid of old emails! B-)

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Geordie delicacies

by neilb@uk In reply to Maybe you only get mentio ...

Stotty cake - a delicious bread baked in the bottom of the oven

Pease pudding - split pea and bacon sort of solid soup. Nice, though.

Now I'm stuck. Thems the only ones i know!

Some more phrases for you to practice:

Hoo ye gannin? 'How are you?'
Hoo's ya fettle? 'How are you?'
Y'areet, hinny? 'Are you all right, young person?'
Champion. 'Very good, very well'
Bonny day the day. 'It's nice weather'
Cowld the day, mar. 'It's cold today.'
Whey aye, man. 'that's right'
Give ower, y'a kiddin. 'Come on, you're joking'
Hadaway man. 'I'm still not convinced'
Ya taakin shite. 'I really disagree with that'
Ootside! 'Let's settle this outside'
Hoo's the Toon gannin? 'How is the Newcastle United match progressing?'
Tara now, pet. 'Goodbye (to female)'
Wee's yon slapper? 'Who's the young lady?'

The following joke misses most people who've never heard a Geordie:

Workman visiting doctor: "Me leg's bad, man, can ye give us a sick note?"

Doctor: Can you walk?

Workman: Work? Y'a kiddin' man, A cannet even waak!


p.s. wtf is Bolganese yorkie? When you find the emails, forward please!

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That I will

by jdclyde In reply to Geordie delicacies

And yes, when I have heard not "A" gordie, but "THE" gordie speak in the native dialect, my only response was "huh?"

Think almost lasagna, but in a yorkie instead of with noodles. start with a sirloin steak, and mince...... wine is in there as well. Did my Julia Childs impersonation when I did my test run. The single most complex dish I have ever created, and it was nothing but rave reviews! Hours in the kitchen though.

oh my, I am hungry now! Got to wait for the heatwave to break first though. It is either cold dishes or on the grill as I am NOT turning my oven or stove on and heating the house up more! B-)

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We're back to "cool" now

by neilb@uk In reply to That I will

so GG will be happier. Under 70F in Newcastle at the moment but a nice 73F down here. Warming up slowly as the weekend approaches in both places. A nice warm 77 for fishing on Saturday. Taking my boss and his family out for the day, he's just brought them over from Denmark.

Nothing like a bit of brown-nosing... ;\

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Not "cool" here

by jdclyde In reply to We're back to "cool" now

Heat advisories, with natural temps around 99F and a heat index of about 105F.

High humidity doesn't help either.

Glad my office is COLD from the AC, and got AC in my car for the hour ride home! From there it is off to grandmas house to hop in the pool!

after it cools off tonight, we will go home and clean. Got a showing tomorrow for the house. ~sigh~

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