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One Billion Words and you still don't understand

By faradhi ·

Wow, We have 1 billion words with which to argue.


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leave it to the brits

by jdclyde In reply to One Billion Words and you ...

to use PHRASES and kount that as words!

As if the language hasn't been mangled enough as it is!

I bet they still haven't followed my dekree to remove all referenses to the offensive letter "c". X-(

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Well, we are two nations

by faradhi In reply to leave it to the brits

separated by a common language. (i forget where I heard that.)

But then again, English is my second language. Muttering incoherently is my first.

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Does this include

by Old Guy In reply to Well, we are two nations

the Southern Speak? :)

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that thar

by faradhi In reply to Does this include

is a di-a-lick.


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Does anybody else remember

by daveo2000 In reply to Does this include

an episode of the old Candid Camera (in Living Black & White) where Alan Funt was interviewing a Southerner about how to say different words. He showed the guy "flash cards" with the words (in pairs) "Oil" and "All", "Tar" and "Tire" and some others. You can't get the full impact from text but part of the conversation was like:

"Well, thars the 'ah' in 'tar' end th 'ay' in 'tar'. Then ya gocha 'oh' in 'oll' and yer 'ay' in 'oll'."

Alan, usually circumspect, was almost ready to fall off his chair.

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Scotland being 1 :-)

by dawgit In reply to Well, we are two nations

But what colony claims to be also a part of that mess?

editted tto remove tthe tts (wooo, dijivu, tty flash backs)

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by Joemama1960 In reply to Scotland being 1 :-)

There are still colonies? Cool! Maybe we can incite a revolution there, based on language! Oh, never mind, been there, been done. I guess we have to fall back on a totally unique reason to start a revolution. An IT one! Dammit, Well probobly have to educate them first! Oh well....

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It would never work

by Oz_Media In reply to Colonies?

In order to educate 'THEM' too many people would have to leave mom's basement.

Thus only a SMALL portion of the IT world, that had other normal skills before entering IT, would have the social skills required.

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To stop a rebellion in AU

by mjwx In reply to Colonies?

The Poms would send troops with kegs instead of tanks. :)

For the record Australia has had its independence as a nation (Federation, when 6 British colonies formed a nation with a vote not a war) for over 100 years but we remained a part of the empire.

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Sorry pal but only one "T" in Scotland.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Scotland being 1 :-)

You've got to be careful there laddie; you could be deballed for that.

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