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Only in Canada

By Oz_Media ·
Today, the BC Sex Party, and you thought our having a marijuana party was bad (Good luck Mark Emery), are organizing a unique form of political campaign for the upcoming election.

They are holding a live stage play of people having sex in a theatre where an audience of more than 125 people are specially invited. Vancouver police WILL be on standby and I assume dragging people out and pressing charges as always.

But at least OUR parties know how to hold a political campaign! Marc Emery's Marijuana Party had a 'public smoke-in' (now an annual event that police attend but don't arrest anyone unless causing a disturbance), in the downtown Vancouver core just a few weeks ago and now the sex party is holding a pulbic sex show in a local theater.

And there I was saying entertainment in Vancouver was dead!

Other parties just don't know how, that's all.

Perhaps I'll start the cunnilingus party next year. That would be a fun rally, epsecially if organized to be on the same day as the BC. Beer Drinking party and the BC Rock'n Roll party.

Hey, it could happen, this is Canada!

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Not only in Australia as well

by Black Panther In reply to Only in Canada

We also have a range of 'alternative' parties including the marijuana party

Have a look!

I will omit the main ones!

Election 2004

Name Abbreviation

*Australians Against Further Immigration
*Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) CDP Christian Party
*Ex-Service, Service & Veterans Party ESVP
*Family First Party Family First
*Help End Marijuana Prohibition HEMP
*Hope Party Australia - ethics equality ecology Hope Party
*liberals for forests L4F
*Lower Excise Fuel and Beer Party
*New Country Party New Country
*No Goods and Services Tax Party No GST
*Non-Custodial Parents Party
*Nuclear Disarmament Party of Australia NDP
*Outdoor Recreation Party O.R.P
*Queensland Greens The Greens
*Save the ADI Site Party
*Socialist Alliance
*The Aged and Disability Pensioners Party
*The Fishing Party
*The Great Australians G.A.

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Gotta love it!

by Oz_Media In reply to Not only in A ...

Now if only some of those ballots could be successful!

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did you notice the HEMP

by Black Panther In reply to Gotta love it!

Help End Marijuana Party (very clever )! :)

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Read it again

by Oz_Media In reply to did you notice the HEMP

Help End Marijuana Prohibition, Party.

For ENDING Marijuana prohibition, not for prohibiting it.

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oh yes!!!

by Black Panther In reply to Read it again

....glad your on the ball!

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fun in the north... and far east

by Murr In reply to Only in Canada

I miss canada..... why'd I move away again??

Political parties in Japan are boring (But there are some right wing fanatics that drive big black trucks playing WWII war songs!)

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Canadian election campaigns

by Oz_Media In reply to fun in the north... and f ...

Why would anyone here actually take them seriously?

It's just an opportunity for minority groups to voice an opinion and push the legal boudaries under the guise of a political campaign.

Everyone knows Liberals will win the vote, even thoug there is a greater number of pro NDP'ers now than Liberal supporters, but they understand the NDP won't win so the Liberals will take the vote from them.

A poll today showed an outstanding number of people FOR a change of government, with a huge offset toward the NDP side. But when asked who will win the election, the Liberals take the cake by a long shot.

We can change the representatives while holding the existing party though.

Too bad Bush wasn't fired for his antics of destroying his country's people, economy and global relations/alliances.

After seeing Clinton get ousted for his BS, I was stunned to see Bush get away with the fear tactic BS, and then get RE-elected! Gotta like THAT one!

I thought Americans would have lynched the guy, not supported him. But I suppose marital affairs are much more important than foreign affairs.

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by Black Panther In reply to Canadian election campaig ...

Some people do .... especially here in Australia ... although they forget that if the Party is not elected their "vote preferences" are re-allocated to one of the major party's.

Not sure if the same happens in Canada.

Bye the way - i have an uncle who lives in Banff - who I would love to visit - the photo's look great!!

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Oz ought to get a tee shirt for this one.

by CG IT In reply to Seriously

Just when you thought you heard it all, Oz comes up with another deserving of something other than a coffee mug.

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You know

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz ought to get a tee shi ...

When you make off handed comments, even tongue-in-cheek, you REALLY need to explain what you are referring to. :)

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