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    by jaqui ·

    double posted

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      Are you sure it was you, …

      by deepsand ·

      In reply to oops

      and not TR?

      It’s been happened to me intermittently since last night.

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        yup I am.

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to Are you sure it was you, …

        I reloded the comfirmation dialog page, which sends the post twice.

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          by deepsand ·

          In reply to yup I am.

          Thought for a moment that this might explain the “hiccups” I’ve been seeing; but, it does’nt.

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          those could be

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Hmmm.

          from people hitting the submit several times if it hangs for a few seconds.

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          It’s MY posts that it’s happening to.

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to those could be

          As best I can determine, from memory, the double posts occurred while using the Tab key to move from the “Body of reply” to the “submit” button.

          Even now, I’m finding that I am not consistently landing where I should.

          In the cases where double posting occurred, I remained at the orignal “Post a reply” screen, but after submitting, discovered that my reply was already posted.

          Stranger yet, in at least one instance, I noticed that it was posted to the wrong node! This may have happened more than once, but gone unnoticed because the node where the reply was 1st posted was outside the area being viewed by me.

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