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opinions on company party/career move

By rixmail ·
Our company has an annual employee party. It has alway been very casual and pleasant but I have heard rumors that this year there may be assigned seating. I find this offensive and for that reason I may not attend. I am curious what others think about this issue. Is this situation common?


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Show up and see

by CharlieSpencer In reply to opinions on company party ...

One of three things could happen.

You may already know and like the people you're seated with.

If not, it may be the chance to learn more about someone else. If you don't care about their personal life, keep it professional and learn more about another department or job function.

If you wind up next to a complete **** orifice, snatch some appetizers and hit the bricks. "Oops, there's the cell phone; I think her water just broke."

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Why companies pay for parties

by JamesRL In reply to opinions on company party ...

The idea for a company paying for a party is not all about improving employee morale.

Its also about employees getting to know each other in another setting.

What often happens though, is people form little cliques and stay together for the whole night, defeating the purpose of getting to know everyone.

To me, an employee party is a perk, not part of normal compensation. You do have the right to go or not go. If you want to change how they are done you might have to join the social committee.


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On a list of

by maecuff In reply to opinions on company party ...

'Reasons to be Offended' I would put assigned seats at a party toward the bottom.

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well said

by jdclyde In reply to On a list of

It is one thing for you to not want to be ripped out of the security of sitting where you wish, but quite another to find actual offense is something like this.

Don't like it? Throw and pay for your own party.

Talk about worked up over nothing? Is that new anti-annoy law named after you by any chance? Maybe a co-writer?

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Reserve judgment

by DC Guy In reply to opinions on company party ...

Go to the party and see what happens. If it appears that the seating is random, then the folks who think it's a heavy-handed way to get employees to know each other are probably right.

You may find that the management and executive staff are sprinkled around so there's one at every table. That could prove very interesting.

Don't reject it without trying.

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by Xyza In reply to Reserve judgment

I'd say go. Depending on the size of the party, you'll probably find that people are switching seats to sit by people they know. I think it's great that companies want people to get to know each other, but forcing it over dinner is creepy to me (I hate eating in front of people I don't know since I am vegetarian and everyone wants to ask questions while I am shoveling food in my mouth). I think team-building exercises work much better for the purpose of meeting others.

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Go th the party

by maxwell edison In reply to opinions on company party ...

Organizing a party for a lot of people takes a lot of work and thought, and seat assignments can save the organizer(s) a lot of trouble and confusion on game day. What's the big deal? Go to the party and just decide to have a nice time, regardless of who you sit with.

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Company party/career move?

by Jellimonsta In reply to opinions on company party ...

Are you considering a career move due to being 'offended' by the assigned seating?
At least your company is putting aside budget for extra curricular activities such as parties. A number of companies are not doing so these days.

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What I'd do...

by jck In reply to opinions on company party ...

It's a party?

screw seating...walk around and talk to whom you want to.

The company can't tell you "Go to your seat, young man!". It's not grade school.

Sounds more like a company meeting rather than a party.

Parties are about socializing and having fun...not having a place card on a table with your name in front of the chair you are given to sit and eat dinner.

Go...socialize with whom you care to.

Your company can tell you who you have to work with, but they have no right to tell you with whom you must be personally involved or have conversations with.

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by rixmail In reply to opinions on company party ...

There was a lot more to it than I included in the first post.

I went and it was different but fine. Some of what I had heard wasn't true.

Thanks to all for your thoughts. I was kinda PO'd and the cool headed advice helped.


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