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Optical Mice and Wood Desks

By kylegeldmaker ·
Hello all,
I have been having a problem with optical mice at my job. There are many users that say their cursor speed is sluggish at times and non-responsive. I replaced them with new mice an it's the same issues. Some are wireless some are USB, all are optical. I was having the same issues. But mine is also a gyro mouse. When in the air it works perfectly. I replaced some of the other optical mice with ball mice and I haven't heard a complaint. I was wondering if it could be the grain of wooden desks. Does the grain reflect light differently if depending on the color and direction of the grain? I know this is a stupid quesiton, but I get A LOT of calls about mice. It's ridiculous. If I need to get rid of opticals because of the desks, I guess I will.
Does anyone else have this problem?
Has anyone else noticed this?

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Same issue here

by dmarston In reply to Optical Mice and Wood Des ...

Several people here have the same issue. also a "sporadic" mouse.. all of a sudden the mouse will jump to the other side of the screen.
But the mouse on my desk (wood) works flawlessly. I don't think it is related to the wood, as I have given the users a mouse pad with no affect. if anybody has a clue, please let us in on it!

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Have you tried

by Tig2 In reply to Same issue here

I found that I have better performance on a mousing "surface" as opposed to a standard mouse mat.

I have to assume that you have checked for driver updates for that mouse- I had a similar issue with a touchpad mouse that was resolved through a driver update.

Good thing to know- the 3M mousing surface can discolour wooden desks. It should be put on an alternative surface- I just laid it on a piece of paper and moused away.

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by dmarston In reply to Have you tried

I haven't tried to update drivers yet.

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As a test,

by w2ktechman In reply to Have you tried

the lay it on a piece of paper works well enough.
That is a good idea, I was going to mention it and I saw that you had posted it already.

If the paper trick works, it is the surface. You can try using a laser mouse (same as optical, but better resolution for reading surfaces), or look at alternate surfacing features. Using a notepad works for me in some situations, and a mouse pad in others are fine.
If the mice are of the cheap variety, they may have a harder time reading surfaces as well. A good optical should have few problems with mouse pads.

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I had interesting issues

by j.lupo In reply to Optical Mice and Wood Des ...

until I put a mouse pad or sheet of paper under it. depending on the wood surface the mouse either would respond slowly if at all or it would go wonder off all on its own at top speed.

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Gloss surfaces

by faradhi In reply to Optical Mice and Wood Des ...

I have found that glossy surfaces are not conducive to using optical mice. I have had this issues with more than just wood. So a simple mouse pad might be in order here. Just make sure it is textured. Not one of the fancy high gloss cutesy ones.

edited for speling and cursing damnit.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Optical Mice and Wood Des ...

and glass is the worst.

Solution: Buy and use mouse pads.

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Some ideas

by jmgarvin In reply to Optical Mice and Wood Des ...

Use a cloth, no gloss, mouse mat. Make sure to get the single color ones and NOT red ones. I use blue (they're ugly, but they work).

Buy better mice. It sounds like you might have gotten the cheapies.

Don't use the USB to PS/2 converter. That is going to cause similar problems (at least in my experience).

Some of the high gloss desks and some of the really freaky "wood grain" does do a number...

Let us know what works!

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Colour of mouse pad

by oldbag In reply to Some ideas

I have found that white mouse pads also cause problems with optical mice. Use a mouse pad but itneeds to be plain (no design at all) and dark coloured.

You also need to check the mouse and make sure that the bottom is clean. I have found that sometimes the little plastic 'feet' on the bottom get a layer of grunge and will also affect performance.

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I have a similar problem

by Sam Hamwi In reply to Optical Mice and Wood Des ...

I have now had to use mouse pads after years of forgetting completely about them. I think the lacquer is the culprit, since it adds a shiny surface. I know you can't use an optical mouse on a glass table, so I am extrapolating here.



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