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Oracle 9i and backup exec 9.1

By crscth ·
I am trying to get backup exec 9.1 to backup a oracle 9i database but I keep running into the same problem. The job fails because it can't find the directory. I looked on veritas's website and they say that the archiving mode on the database needs to be set however the instructions that they give don't work, neither do oracles. Once I use the shutdown command in SQLPlus, SQLPlus freezes. I usually close that screen and go back through SQLPlus via cmd. After the shutdown, your supposed to use the "startup mount" command however I keep getting the error "ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error". If anyone can, please help.

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by Black Panther In reply to Oracle 9i and backup exec ...

In %ORA_HOME%/network/admin
there is a file named TNSNAMES.ORA which needs to be filled in with the appropriate Database information


Created for the database instance system identifier, where SID is the value you entered for the database name during Oracle9i installation. This service is mandatory. If is it not started, then the following ORA-12560 error message appears when you attempt to use any Oracle9i Utilities, such as SQL*Plus:

ORA-12560 TNS: protocol adapter error


When starting server manager the following error is generated:

ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error occurred

Oracle classify this as a ?generic protocol adapter error?. In my experience it indicates that Oracle client does not know what instance to connect to or what TNS alias to use.

Possible Remedies:
If running on the server (or workstation) that is running the database (i.e. if the database is local to the machine) then try explicitly setting ?ORACLE_SID?. e.g.

set ORACLE_SID=<sid>

and then try again. If this works then consider whether to make the change permanent by specifying it as a system variable.

(Possibly 8.1.5 and later:) If running on the server (or workstation) that is running the database then check that the service name ?OracleService<SID>? ties up with the actual database SID. If the database SID is changed without recreating the service then this can lead to this error. To recreate the service:

oradimxx -delete -sid <old-sid>

oradimxx -new -sid <SID> -intpwd <internal-password> AUTO -pfile <full-init-ora-filename>

Try setting the environment variable ?LOCAL? to the required connection alias (typically the database SID) and then try again. Do be sure that the application that is being used picks up the new environment variable setting. Setting this to an invalid connection alias will typically produce ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name.

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by crscth In reply to

Well I looked at the file and the sid was correct. One interesting thing is that when I manually start the database I have to point it to the correct pfile because if I do just the startup it looks for it in the wrong place. Well thanks for the input.

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by crscth In reply to Oracle 9i and backup exec ...

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