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    Other way: If Bush wins the Popular Vote and Kerry Wins the Election?


    by admin ·

    Well its currently 252 Kerry 254 Bush in the electorate and Ohio is becoming somewhat like Florida this year, a close race that could still possibly go either way based on the results of Ohios provisional ballots. Although there are 2 other close races they don’t really matter as Ohio is more than both of them combined in the electorate.

    Whoever wins Ohio wins the election, however, Bush will win the popular vote no matter what.

    So, what will happen if Bush loses having won the popular vote?

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      If Ohio goes Kerry, Kerry wins

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to Other way: If Bush wins the Popular Vote and Kerry Wins the Election?

      Thats the rules.

      Its not like there aren’t parrallels in other countries.

      In Canada, we elect representatives to constituencies, which like in the US, are not uniform in terms of numbers of voters – rural ones have fewer voters, and urban ones have more voters. In a multi(3 or more) party system, its rare for the winning party to get more than 45% of the popular vote, but if they win the most seats, they form the government and that party’s leader becomes prime minister. With no elected senate, they pretty much can do what they want until the next election.

      The only way out is to dump the electoral college and have direct election of the president. In Canada, we talk about proportional representation.

      One thing that the US excels at is gerrymandering – the manipulation of the borders of congressional districts, which usually favours the party in power. Look at some of those maps – the mind boggles.


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      If – a Big IF

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Other way: If Bush wins the Popular Vote and Kerry Wins the Election?

      Then John Kerry would be the legitimate president-elect because THERE IS NO POPULAR VOTE CONTEST TO WIN OR LOSE! (Geesh, I need to get a new pet-peeve, I guess.)

      But the Republicans would not pout and cry about it like the Democrats have for the past four years.

      By the way, Ohio won’t, at this point, go either way. 90 plus percent of all those provisionals would have to go to Kerry, and that’s not very likely. And that’s assuming that they are all verified as valid.

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        I agree with you Max

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to If – a Big IF

        Its over. Just people are too chicken to call it.

        I can understand Kerry being cautious after Gore and the back and forth concessions. But its just a matter of time.

        Maybe someone can inform me – why so many provisionals? I know there were a lot of new voters in the state, but isn’t there a way of verifying them before the election?

        In Canada, we have a check box on the income tax form, if you check the box, you are added to the voters list at the address where you submitted taxes from. We used to have door to door enumerations, but we don’t need them now. If you move after taxes, you can get yourself added to the list up to a few weeks before the election.

        For the most part, we still use paper ballots in Canada, and for the most part, we know who the winners are within hours. Perhaps we have to hire more election officials but its worth it to me.


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        Just In

        by nd_it ·

        In reply to If – a Big IF

        Kerry called Bush to concede the election. Very professional of him to do. He realizes that the stats are against him at this point, no use dragging it out anymore.

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          I agree..

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Just In

          It was the right thing for him to do. I hope the president understands how divided his country is now.

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          In fact…

          by mschan ·

          In reply to I agree..

          … I kinda like Bush this term to win – and it’s not because I prefer Bush as the president.

          This is Bush’s final term. In 2008 I am hoping that Al Gore will run and win to become the next president. Personally, I think Al Gore can be a great president.

          If Kerry wins, Gore will have to wait 8 years, which is probably too late for him.

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