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Our society has abdicated self-reliance & personal responsibility.

By sleepin'dawg ·
What do recent findings in neuroscience tell us about the ability of people to make moral judgments or reasoned decisions? Advances in neuroscience are being used by advocates to guide public policy on a broad range of moral and ethical issues. Is this new approach really a step forward? This year, the Supreme Court heard arguments about whether developments in neurology and our understanding of brain function should affect the constitutionality of executing 16- and 17-year-olds who commit murder. New neurological findings are now being applied to a wide range of issues?drug addiction, obesity, pornography, "lie detection," unconscious racial bias, even shopping and marketing. While there is no disputing the reality of activity patterns in the brain, the moral inferences and policy arguments being derived from our growing neurobiological knowledge raise profound questions about the nature of individual responsibility.

Americans and Canadians have traditionally placed great value on self-reliance and fortitude. In recent decades, however, we have seen the rise of a therapeutic ethic that views us as emotionally underdeveloped, psychically frail, and requiring the ministrations of mental health professionals to cope with life's vicissitudes. Being "in touch with one's feelings" and freely expressing them have become paramount personal virtues. Today-with a book for every ailment, a counselor for every crisis, a lawsuit for every grievance, and a TV show for every conceivable problem-we are at risk of degrading our native ability to cope with life's challenges.

Drawing on established science and common sense, reveal how "therapism" and the burgeoning trauma industry have come to pervade our lives. Help is offered everywhere under the presumption that we need it: in children's classrooms, the workplace, churches, courtrooms, the media, the military. But with all the "help" comes a host of troubling consequences, including:

The myth of stressed-out, homework-burdened, hypercompetitive, and depressed or suicidal schoolchildren in need of therapy and medication.

The loss of moral bearings in our approach to lying, crime, addiction, and other foibles and vices.

The unasked-for "grief counselors" who descend on bereaved families, schools, and communities following a tragedy, offering dubious advice while billing plenty of money.

The expansion of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from an affliction of war veterans to nearly everyone who has experienced any kind of setback.

We should know that "talking about" problems is no substitute for confronting them. We are developing into a society of wimps and if we aren't careful we could lose our competitive edge against other cultures who are not being 'crippled' by these false PC ideologies.

Dawg ]:)

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Strange isn't it ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Our society has abdicated ...

The people who need therapy can't afford it, so therapist's sold the need for their services to those who could. Not all of you are whining wimps, kick them in the crutch and take what you want. Gives them something to talk about in their next session.
That dawg fellow has no respect for my sensibilities
Really ? That'll be a $1000 !
Oh good I feel so much better.

Sheep exist to be fleeced and pussies exist to be ...

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Talk about pc

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Strange isn't it ?

you can't say p.u.s.s.i.e.s now. fucks sake.

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Actually, I took it to mean a$$holes and continued with exist to be wiped.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Talk about pc

I think I like my version better. :^O

Dawg ]:)

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by FirstPeter In reply to Our society has abdicated ...

But we CAN'T confront them because we might get our feelings hurt when we realize we might be at fault for having done something wrong.

And if we've caused the problem (oh, wait, it's not a PROBLEM, it's an OPPORTUNITY, right?) we might hurt our fragile self-esteem.

And Heaven forbid we hurt our self-esteem! After all, isn't that what makes us grow? Apparently all these years (200+) we've been thinking it was actually learning from experience, addressing our problems, and being willing to take responsibility for the things we do that helped us grow. But apparently we were wrong.

It seems as though we got really lucky these last couple hundred years that we (the United States of America) were able to grow as strong as we did. How in the world did we survive without six dozen books on our colonial bookshelf telling us how to "talk about it" and "get in touch with our inner self"? How did we manage to grow generation after generation of good, solid, moral, ethical, humble leaders without having read sixteen "self-help" articles about how we shouldn't discipline our kids? How did we manage to get by simply by accepting people at their word and not filing a lawsuit for every single act of injustice we THINK we saw?

Don't get me started, Dawg; the "poor me" attitudes that pervade just about every aspect of culture (except church; at least from my experiences) are driving me absolutely crazy. I wonder if I could file a lawsuit against all those people who are trying to convince us that nothing is our fault on the basis that they're driving me insane...? :)

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"The unasked-for"

by Absolutely In reply to Our society has abdicated ...

1) If I want your help, I'll ask for it. Stress, trauma, neurosis and psychosis are by definition subjective. Don't dare try to tell me I need help because I "look troubled," you'll be the one needing help.

2) The FDA takes 10 years to approve a new sleeping pill. Who are these "advocates to guide public policy on a broad range of moral and ethical issues" based on last week's research, and why should I care about their opinion? Are they the neuroscience researchers themselves, or some undergraduate dropout scientist wannabes who understand 10% of the vocabulary of the cutting-edge, and are able to pass themselves off as experts among less knowledgeable policy hacks?

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The worst is child developement experts

by jdclyde In reply to Our society has abdicated ...

that have never had kids of their own.

Kids are different when you are with them 24/7 vs the 2 hours that they were "evaluated" while they play with other kids.

Disipline and respect. Don't they have a place in our society anymore?

When is the last time you heard a kid in a store say please and thank you?

When you thank them they say "yeah" instead of "your welcome".

If you haven't had ten kids of your own all grow up to be brain surgins, don't try to tell me how to raise my kids.

Anyone see a month back (in Michigan, of course) the theripist mother was stabbed to death 101 times by her son because she was upset he was looking at porn on the computer and was going to take it away. Guess the "time out" didn't do the trick.

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by Black Panther In reply to The worst is child develo ...

Even the "bible" mentions discipline

Proverbs 22:1-29

Foolishness is tied up with the heart of a boy; the rod of discipline is what will remove it far from him.

Proverbs 13:1-25

The one holding back his rod is hating his son, but the one loving him is he that does look for him with discipline.

also the teacher must teach by example:--

"Do you, however, the one teaching someone else, not teach yourself? You, the one preaching 'Do not steal,' do you steal? You, the one saying 'Do not commit adultery,' do you commit adultery?"?Romans 2:21, 22.

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Another Biblical passage

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Agree...

"Do not withhold correction from a child, For if you beat him with a rod, he will not die. You shall beat him with a rod, And deliver his soul from ****" - Proverbs 23:13-14

The Bible is definitely in favor of corporal punishment and discipline, in the light of this and the previously quoted passages. I am not going to argue with Holy Scripture on this one. King Solomon (the author of the Book of Proverbs) had a lot of children, so he must have known something about the subject.

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Nuclear Family and Neighborhoods

by TheChas In reply to Our society has abdicated ...

What started this trend was the demise of the nuclear family and the change from living in neighborhoods to living in subdivisions.

Our consumption based society all but forces both parents to work to pay for the desires of the family.

We need to return to living in neighborhoods so that children know that the old lady on the corner WILL inform their parents when they misbehave.

We need to step back to living near our families so that we don't need to turn to professional consolers when we have a crisis.

We need to move back to 2 parent families where 1 parent is ALWAYS at home when the children are home. (Stay at home dads are just as valuable as stay at home moms.)

We need to switch college scholarships from athletic to academic. This will reduce the pressure that parents place on children to be both athletes and scholars.


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I agree

by CuteElf In reply to Nuclear Family and Neighb ...

I agree that having less time to put to a family's needs degrades the behavior.

I also agree that it is a choice for each parent to work /not to work.

But at the same time, women are now more "allowed", shall I say, into certain fields that years ago they may not have been welcomed or able to break into. I personally as a woman, feel opened..and glad, to have the rights of females widened. And a bit obliged to follow into the fields.

So, as a woman, I can go out and follow my dreams of being a Network Engineer, and make pretty maps and great configs...or....spend time at home raising children.
Can I do both? I dont know. I'd like to have kids, later...but in Europe.

Europe itself is a more laid back area, still focusing on the nuclear family.

America strides for independance, and that spread to all beings equals less family- more independance- less family.

So, since I'm still singel and childless, I'll focus on my career.

If I find a man, I'll make myself clear to him about what I believe. And that HE has to take a few months off too, for the baby.

And I plan on making the buggers work for themselves too.


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