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Outlok 2007 - Expanding a distrubution list Problem

By nixe ·
I am having multiple users with this same issue. When Expanding a Distribution list in the to Field it only shows multiple ; and no names or email adresses.

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Did it ever work?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Outlok 2007 - Expanding a ...

Is the problem with a single distribution list or with more than one?

Are the lists in each users' Contacts folder or in the Global Address List?

Are these new lists and they haven't worked right from creation, or are they lists that just recently stopped working?

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Sends correctly, just doesn't show addy when expanded

by nixe In reply to Did it ever work?

The Distribution list is in the User's Contacts folder that had the members selected from the Global Adress List. The List displays correctly if you view it from the contacts folder. I have already tried to recreate the DL from scratch and it is the same issue. The message will still send out to everyone in the DL as it should but does not show who it is going to if you try to expand it in the To Field. Personally I do not see much of a big deal with it since it sends correctly but since it is the Top 2 People here at the Office I can't tell them to go on as usual and not worry about it.

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Check Active Directory accounts

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Outlok 2007 - Expanding a ...

Is the "Display Name" field filled out in each recipient's AD account? That's where the Outlook pulls from for when you expand a DL.

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Active Directory is Correct

by nixe In reply to Check Active Directory ac ...

I have checked all of the accounts in Active Directory and the Display field is correct on all of the accounts in the DL. I do know that if I manually type the name and address in while "Adding member" instead of "Selecting Member" from the Global that it displays correctly when expanding.

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Set them up on another machine as a test

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Active Directory is Corre ...

If they use another computer without problem, then you're stuck with deleting the local Outlook profile and recreating a new one for the affected senders, or even removing and reinstalling Outlook.

Sorry, I'm out of ideas.

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