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Outlook 2000 not checking for new mail

By gapmc ·
Outlook 2000 in Coporate/Workgroup Mode on multiple WinXP LAN clients. Each uses 1-2 internet mail accounts and 1 MS Mail account.

Intermittently, the Outlook client will simply stop checking its internet mail account(s). I've logged a couple of stations exhibiting the condition, the POP log just stops when the client stops checking for mail, no error logged. The MS Mail service continues normally.

Closing Outlook and reopening it will bring in the new messages.

This is happening itmermittenly throughout the building, with no pattern I've yet to discern. Any help would be appreciated.

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by Bleyd In reply to Outlook 2000 not checking ...

I have had this problem with Outlook 2k on Windows XP computers. I tried deleting their mailbox on the server and recreating it to see if that was the problem but it did nothing (of course I exported their emails and reimported them back in first). I tried reinstalling Outlook 2k on their machine but this too did nothing. I later had to replace their desktop computer with a laptop which had a fresh installation of Windows XP straight from the licensed disk and not from the vendor (I've had way too many problems with 3rd party installations of Windows XP). I installed Office 2k and updated it to SP3. To my surprise the problem cleared up. I looked back at the desktop's version of Office and noticed that it was only SP1 so I'm not entirely sure which solved the problem. It could have been either formatting and reinstalling Windows XP or it could have been updating Office 2k to SP3 or it's entirely possible that both actions together fixed the problem. Try the less invasive fix of making sure that Office 2k is up to date with SP3 and if that doesn't work then it's time to start over fresh.

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by knklos In reply to

I have the same problem in my office and I am the only one with a non-vendor install (after a reimage). The problem is resolved only by the reimage of the PC. I have never had a successful resolution without reimaging the computer (from the Vendor install).

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