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Outlook 2003 Prompting for New Password

By Gina ·
We have about 500 users in an Windows 2003 server environment connecting to an Exchange 2003 server using Outlook 2003 on Windows XP workstations. For one of our desktop users, each time she changes her network password Outlook then prompts for her user credentials. She enters her new password, checks the box to save the password, and the prompt does not return until the next password change. The user's Outlook is configured with only the Exchange Mailbox (no POP accounts), it is not in cached mode, and it is not configured for RPC over HTTP. Outlook security settings are not configured for encryption or to prompt for user name and password. I have tried changing the "Logon Network Security" option, but the behavior continues to be the same. I have searched the MSKB, but can not find any articles specific to this issue. I will be happy to award points for an answer that solves this issue. Thanks, in advance!

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by Gina In reply to Outlook 2003 Prompting fo ...

I would really like to hear from anyone who can resolve this issue. Thanks!

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by fungus-among-us In reply to Outlook 2003 Prompting fo ...

I've seen this same issue in the past (though with a much smaller network - <100 users). After racking our brains for over a week (although the problem existed for over 3 months), what we ended up doing was deleting the user account and created a new one. Have not heard reports of the issue popping up again.
I know that probably wasn't the "technical" answer you wanted to hear, but our organization didn't allow us anymore time to diagnose the problem correctly, so we tried an "unorthodox" solution, and it worked!!!! (for us).

Good Luck

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by Gina In reply to Outlook 2003 Prompting fo ...

"fungus" - Thanks for the answer. Like you, we don't have the time or resources to really get to the root of the problem. Exactly what user account(s) did you delete? Did you just delete the Exchange Mailbox or did you actually delete the entire NT account? I have tried removing the user profile from Outlook and then adding it back, but that has not fixed it. We may actually be able to try your suggestion, since we can't seem to come up with any others... :)

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Same problem with POP

by cliff_horwood In reply to Outlook 2003 Prompting fo ...

Gina, I have found the same problem with Outlook 2003 and POP. Windows XP power user who changes her Win XP password is then forced to resave passwords for Outlook 2003 emails accounts. When she resaves them she is fine until the next time she changes her Win XP password. I too have not found anything in MSKB. I would be interested in exchanging / posting the exact error messages to see if we can resolve this.

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Its a registry problem

by aeborch In reply to Same problem with POP

I looked long and deep for this answer a year ago and found issue with a reg key that had to be deleted and restored.. But for the life of me I cant find the answer again. PS: I solved my customers problem but NOW I HAVE IT !! any help appreciated

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Try this link

by kcpatel In reply to Outlook 2003 Prompting fo ...

I don't know if this will fix it, but it seems to be related:

I have a similar problem that I have to enter my password every time I start Outlook with through on VPN connection (even though I check the box to remember the password).

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by shaicemichael In reply to Try this link

This link is really good

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Office user name/password prompt fix

by wadegreen In reply to Try this link

Go to the zone settings for internet explorer or in outlook. change the custom zone settings for local intranet and trusted sites to use 'Automatic logon with current user name and password'

in outlook....
Tools-->options-->security-->zone settings-> select Local intranet-->custom...scroll to the bottom under user authentication/logon select 'Automatic logon with current user name and password'.

We use Office 2003, but I am sure this should work for all version of office.
Do this for the trusted intranet sites also.
Hope this works for ya.

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Found the solution to this problem over here.

by siddeswara In reply to Outlook 2003 Prompting fo ...

I had the same problem with outlook express and I got the solution at the following website. Hope it works for you too.

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