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Outlook Express vs Outlook 2000

By k-y.lo ·
We have changed from using Outlook 2000 to Outlook Express 6.0
and found that there are some features that we got used to are not available under O/E 6.0 e.g.

- we can no longer change the Subject of the incoming/outgoing mails, which is very useful in sorting msgs/review/reference
- we lost the Calender feature, which is useful in Pop-up reminders every day, any free downloads of similar feature/functions available to replace this ?
- Outlook 2000 allows users to open the next msg after reading/deleting the current mail/message, but O/E 6.0 does not, any tips to solve this problem

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by LordInfidel In reply to Outlook Express vs Outloo ...

Go back to Outlook 2K.

OE is not a corp e-mail client. It was designed for the home user.

They are 2 totally seperate products designed to do totally seperate things.

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why not change back?

by shiny_topadm In reply to Outlook Express vs Outloo ...

As you have discovered, these applications are not interchangeable. I assume you went to OE 6 when you updated Internet Explorer. If you want those other features, you'll need to go back to using Outlook. Do you still have it, or was the whole PCreplaced? If Outlook is still on your machine, you can make it the default email client by going to Start>Control Panel>Internet Options>Programs. The current version of Outlook has many other useful features, too. good luck,


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Why did you switch in the first place&gt

by radiic In reply to Outlook Express vs Outloo ...

I know this doesnt anwser your question, but after reading your post, I was really confused as to why you would switch. Outlook Express is basically the watered down version of Outlook. It was designed that way on purpose because M$ thought they would give it away as a way for general users to manage their pop mail boxes and it made life easier for MSN to configure all those mailboxes.

With that said, I would reinstall Outlook from your Office CD.


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Looks like 3 of us posted at the

by radiic In reply to Why did you switch in the ...

same time>!

Funny how all 3 of us said the same thing.

GO BACK to the Force Luke>>>>!

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Home Vs Business

by TheChas In reply to Outlook Express vs Outloo ...

I think of OE as the home version of E-mail programs from Microsoft.

Here is a link to one alternative.

You can also try


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