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Outlook Mail so difficult to configure.

By handyman ·
I have repeatedly over the last year tried to configure Outlook 2000 with my email and have had disasterous results. I find the instructions given in the setup are vague, and I heard the program lacks security, I have avoided this application because of frustration and confusion. Am I missing the boat altogether? Anybody no a simple answer?

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Not only have you missed the boat

by LordInfidel In reply to Outlook Mail so difficult ...

But the re-runs also.

The account set-up for outlook is relatively straight forward. Even without detailed instructions.

The wizard will ask you questions, you supply the answers. If you don't know the answers then you won't be able to set it up.

As far as security; every e-mail client has it's faults. Outlook is easily patched to make it user-proof.

That is most of the insecurity from outlook comes from the end users use of it.

1) Turn off all preview panes in the inbox.
2) Only send mail in plain text
3) Install the scriptlet-eyelib patch
4) configure outlook to open html in the restricted zone
5) if you do not know who it is from, don't open it.

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Need more info

by timwalsh In reply to Outlook Mail so difficult ...

We really need some more information on the email environment you are attempting to configure for (i.e Internet Email, Exchange, something else; where the email is hosted - onsite, ISP;), before we can give any direct answers.

I can answer the security issue now.

There is a difference between lacking security and finding security holes. Yes, security holes continue to be found in Microsoft products, and Microsoft continues to issue patches to plug those holes. This does the same as Outlook (or MS products) "lacking" security (although the Open Source crowd would beg to differ).

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