Outlook Outbox Jammed Up.....Help

By treewhacker ·
I was sending some pictures to my daughter and didn't realize they were too large. The 3 messages are jammed up in my outbox and I cannot use my mail at all because every time I open my outlook it tries to send the messages and jams up. It has been like this for 3 weeks and all my efforts to correct have failed. How can I get rid of these 3 messages in my outlook outbox so I can continue to use outlook? Thanks for the genius who helps me with this

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Try this...

by scott_heath In reply to Outlook Outbox Jammed Up. ...

Go into Control Panel and open the Mail applet. Go to your profile and look around under the account properties. I have Outlook 2007, so we may have different windows. basically you need to create a new PST file and then tell your email account to use that. Then open your email, delete the stuff from the old outbox, close Outlook and change it back to your old PST.

If you need more detail let me know what version of Outlook you have.

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Wow, Thanks Scott

by treewhacker In reply to Try this...

I have Outlook 2003
I am not a wizard on computers, so I wonder if you could assist if I have problems part way through, or maybe a step by step for the 03 version. The main problem I have is when I open outlook, it freezes up trying to send and I cannot do anything but a manual shutdown.

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Still Would Not Delete

by treewhacker In reply to Try this...

Well Scott, I tried what you said. I had an old email account and just switched it over as default. I went into my outlook and tried deleting and it would not work, just jams up tight. The 3 messages are still there.

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re kicking messages out of Outlook

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Still Would Not Delete

Switching your account settings won't work. What Scott was trying to tell you wast to create another account with a new, clean PST file. Then, open the old PST file and delete the messages from the Outbox. Close the 2nd (old) PST file and close Outlook. Go back to the control panel/mail and set the old PST file as the one you want to use and restart Outlook.

But, let's try something else. As you've noticed, you can't do anything in Outlook while it's sending/receiving and the huge messages in the Outbox aren't ever going to go out. So, first, make sure you're back to your normal account (not the centurytel account) and start Outlook. After it starts, look down in the lower right corner where you'll see two folders with a dropdown arrow next to them. Click that one time and a menu will appear where you can select "Cancel Send/Receive". Once it stops, you can click the Outbox and delete the messages there. When the big ones are gone, click Send/Receive at the top and it should connect and download any email you've got waiting.

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Still Not Deleting

by treewhacker In reply to re kicking messages out o ...

I followed your directions, I stopped the send recieve and tried to delete the messages, but it still didn't work. The hour glass appears like it's trying to delete, then just dissapears and the message stays.
I don't know how to set up a PST file either. I guess I can learn.

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outlook safe mode

by scott_heath In reply to Still Not Deleting

try clicking Start then Run and typeing:

"c:\program files\microsoft office\office11\outlook.exe" /safe:2

This forces outlook not to try and send\receive on start up.

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Disconnect PC

by rahouseholder In reply to Outlook Outbox Jammed Up. ...

Try disconnecting your PC from the network or the internet before starting outlook. It will recognize that it is not connected and should not attempt to send or receive. It may try to connect a couple of times though. make sure it says disconnected in the bottom right hand corner. Then try deleting the messages or try moving them to another folder. If successful, close outlook and reconnect your PC. You may have to restart your PC after reconnecting.

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Still Not Able To Delete

by treewhacker In reply to Outlook Outbox Jammed Up. ...

Well guys, I have tried all of the things you posted and it remains stubborn. Maybe I have to uninstall and re-install Outlook to fix this.

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Cancel Server Request

by AshishS In reply to Still Not Able To Delete

This might work. Start your Outlook. Once it is up & running, look at the task bar. You should see an Outlook icon there. Right click on the icon and choose Cancel Server Request. I have not tried it yet, but it might work.

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No Go

by treewhacker In reply to Cancel Server Request

I clicked on the Task Bar on lower left and the only 2 options there are
"Open New Window"
"Navigate Pane Options"

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