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Outsourcing and Racism

By injun_cowboy ·
I think the current IT outsourcing howl has to do with a form of racism. Yes, that's what it it. Tell you why. 'Cos it's jobs going to places like India, Mexico & China. No one cried foul when techie jobs went to the factories set up in Good Ol' Ireland, or Poland, or Germany or Holland or England. No sir! Those guys are OK. C'mon folks, you know it!

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And one more thing ...

by injun_cowboy In reply to Outsourcing and Racism

Same thing happened when the Japanese began to come in with cars etc. Germans and Swedish cars were OK, but not the Asian makes, though. Holland, Britain and Germany own more of the USA than any other country, but when Japan began to buy property in the US, ooooh! that was baaad! C'mon folks, stop this partiality and let's move on.

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The Real Answer

by injun_cowboy In reply to And one more thing ...

As many other enlightened TR members have already pointed out, we Americans have always invented outtasight stuff, given it to the world and made it a better place. And we'll continue to do so. Nano-tech tomorrow, atmospheric-energy the day after. That's what makes us the Greatest Nation on Earth, baby! We'll keep on, keepin' on.

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On the Car Thing--WRONG!

by TomSal In reply to The Real Answer

I'll pick on the car topic since I know folks in the industry and extreme racing buffs with their own drag racers who live for cars and speed.

Read up on the quality of American made cars in the sucked. BAD. Other countries were beating us pretty good on quality.

It was other markets like the Asian automakers who forced our domestic automakers to get strict on quality control standards, the asian automakers have a lot to do with why our newer model cars today are of a lot higher quality than they used to be.

And of course you hear about outsourcing about specific nations like India, China, Mexico...they are the cheapest labor! A job an employer pays $30/hr here gets it done for $12 - $13 / hr overseas.

It really sucks..but how do you (as an American worker) compete with that, besides moving?

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Interesting point

by Oz_Media In reply to On the Car Thing--WRONG!

I'm glad you shone a light on the Inaccuracy thet you give the world thier inventions.

I agree that you often IMPROVE inventions or develop patents but the US is not really seen as an inventor by anyone I know.

Now, in the same sense, the Japanese have been gien the tag as the ones who take other inventions and make them smaller, lighter, faster and many say better, this is true due to the assembly processes and electronics engineering in Asian countries.

As for cars, US suto manufacturers have never even come remotely close to developing the high RPM technology that the Japanese have. North american cars are large, bulky, inefficient workhorses of the industry. No matter how sleek and light they try to make them, compact cars in North America are 5 year disposables at best.

As for racing, this is an entirely different market. Big block V8's MADE North America, they were the status symbol that every American clung to during the great depression.

nobody has ever denied the ability of a 440 magnum or a 429 Cobra Jet as a real powerhouse that makes Japanese cars look like toys.

Unfortunately, as much as American muscle is my passion (I've completely restored 5 Mopars to original showroom condition that are now shown and winning regularly).

So racing and Japanese refinement of the compact car are not similar in any sense of the word.

Just look at what happened to Chrysler after Ford built the Pinto and Honda had the Civic. chryslers bit idea was to use the same parts for ALL cars and just change body styles. What a nightmare that was, garbage from Chrysler was around throughout the 80's, have you seen an 84 Lebaron on the road lately? Bet you've seen hundreds of '85 Civics, Acccords and Preludes though.

This gave American manufacturers the bad name they have fought to rid themselves of for decades now, to little or no avail.

Pickups? No Asian company has come close to matching a North American truck, out of which nobody has matched Ford's engineering.

Compact cars, we don't have a chance. That is truly a European/Asian market. They NEVER built full size cars, you couldn't drive one in England or Germany or Japan. They specialize in compact engineering.

North America, bigger has always been better, and that didn't stop with automobiles.

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Vintage Mopar

by Oldefar In reply to Interesting point

While you are right about the 80's, it was by no means a new concept or even limited to Chrysler. The concept of different skins on essentially the same vehicles was common with the Plymouth and Dodge lines back in the 60's, as well as between Buick, Oldsmobile, and Caddillac, Chevrolet and Pontiac, and Ford and Mercury.

My bored out '63 Dart had parts salvaged from various 60 - 67 Dart and Valient models. With a slant 6 190 cubic inch bored out to 232, and that solid push button torque flight transmission, I gave the 289 hypos a run through 3 gears. Most would back off at that point under the assumption that I had dropped a 340 under the hood. 'Course, what they didn't know was that I had reached my top end just after leaving rubber as I hit 3rd.

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Sorry I wasn't too clear

by Oz_Media In reply to Vintage Mopar

I wasn't implying it was a new concept to interchange parts. The old Jeep 304 from the war has interchangeable heads with a 74 350.

I was pointing at Lee Iacoca's take over in 1978. Downhill went Chrysler with the K car. I kept them out of bankruptcy but the disposable car was truly born, much to everyone's dismay 2 years later. A Top of the line Lebaron had the same motor and engine support system, suspension, transmission and drivetrain as the MUCH cheaper K-Car (made popular by our friends The Skipper from Gilligan's Island).

I have been an old Mopar fanfor sometime (still FOMOCO biased) but I have owned/restored a '70 Charger (show winner), (67 & 73) Cuda's, '69 Challenger (show winner) and a Super Bee (ROCKET).
(Fun tip, take an old 360 and grind the intakes to take the 340 2.02" valves)BREEEEEAAAATH!

Mopar, you build one you can build 'em all, but each has very nice, unique character.

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Racism is a two-way street

by ken_yoshimoto In reply to Outsourcing and Racism

You shouldn't accuse others of racism when you are more guilty than those you accuse. Moreover, you can't blame others for wanting to protect their livelihood. Their jobs weren't threatened by factory-workers in Ireland or Poland. They also weren't losing jobs to ungrateful aliens on the homefront.

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Not really

by injun_cowboy In reply to Racism is a two-way stree ...

Wanna bet? Those factories in Ireland & other EU, directly impacted myself and my friends in my company, 'cos they took away jobs since those EU workers were cheaper. So, it did hurt. But no one screamed ... hey! it's the Irish - they're OK. But not them "aliens" from India, China, Mexico or Japan, right? A very colorful view.

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hit right on the head

by The_Gnome In reply to Outsourcing and Racism

You're right! I wouldn't mind flipping burgers for a living if my tech job went to a blond, blue-eyed Aryan.

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this is what i'm saying! thank you!!

by injun_cowboy In reply to hit right on the head

ok, let's be serious now. you know and i know none of us wants to lose our jobs to anyone else, in country or out ... to an aryan or a dravidian (the original peoples of India, FYI). But it is curious that the uproar is way louder since it's "dravidian" countries now that are seen to be taking way our jobs. be true to yourself!

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