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OZ for Premiere!!!

By Jaqui ·
of BC.

after all, he can't be any worse than the current corrupt group we have.

we might actually get the province back on a decent track with him as premiere.

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But alas...

by house In reply to OZ for Premiere!!!

He was not born in Canada, so he cannot run for office. Wait - sorry - wrong place.

heh. I really don't know how that works, and wether or not it is regulated provincially or across the board. Does anyone know the requirements of one's status for election to Premiere?

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Only that they are elected by the party as leader

by JamesRL In reply to But alas...

And that the party then wins a general election.

Our first Prime Minister was born in Scotland (Sir John Alexander MacDonald). There are currently a few MPs who are foreign born.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Only that they are electe ...

Who's having the party and am I invited?

Col ]:)

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Political parties

by JamesRL In reply to PARTY????????

The old saw of Canadian politics.

If you want to talk policy, join the New Democratic Party(moderate socialists).

If you want to get laid, join the Liberal Party (middle of the road).

If you want to get drunk, join the Conservative Party.

Which one would you prefer Col?


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James an English Lesson

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Political parties

Using these two words together in a single sentence Political & Party is an Oxymoron. :)

Now I'm for the group that gets together no matter what their political agenda is and has a good time. From my personal experience here I've seen some of the most Rabid Politician's who are on opposite sides of things and who by definition hate each others guts sit down in the Parliamentary Annex and get drunk together and indulge in other things as well.

Being the Non Political person that I am I get invited to a lot of these events at the Tax payers expense. All I can say is that these people while looking staid certainly know how to throw a party.

So in answer to your question James I'll come to the party thrown by them all for the new Parliament or the end of the Old Parliament doesn't matter which and being an Invited Guest they'll most likely pay my transport and accommodation as well as the booze bills and anything else. :^O

Col ]:)

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Kinda like

by Oz_Media In reply to James an English Lesson

"Political awareness?" Two words that don't fit together.

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by Jaqui In reply to Kinda like

good morning?
jumbo shrimp?
progressive conservative?

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Well I hate to contradict an old fart

by JamesRL In reply to James an English Lesson

But I spent over 20 years as a member of a political party, and I have been to a lot of parties. And beleive it or not there are alot of internal politics within a party as well - but usually a beer or two will melt those differences temporarily. Probably the best Christmas party I have been to was on parliament hill - all from one party, but people who were on opposite sides of the same party singing badly together.

I got to know a lot of people from other parties in university. Many of them have gone on to high office or been staff to the Prime Minister. They have on occasion caught me crashing their political party's party - and the penalty is usually slight - a beer if its a cash bar.

And yes politicians can get into some hijinks. I used to rescue a few female admin assistants from a few lecherous MPs.

While some hear take delight in being santamoniuous about politicians, in the end they are no better and no worse than the people they serve. If it was money they were interested in, they wouldn't be in parliament.


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Yes those meetings can be painful

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Well I hate to contradict ...

But I was thinking more along the lines of mixed Political Parties/Gatherings for some event or what ever. They then tend to forget the petty politics and just have fun.

But the Political meetings where different sides of a political party are having a heated discussion are painful to say the least. But with enough booze things work out perfectly! :^O

At one meeting that I attended the person who invited me spoke his mind and was censured for speaking while not a member of the party. The fact that he had been a fully paid up member for well over 30 years didn't make any difference and eventually when things cooled down they had to apologize. I of course declined to comment as I was a guest there and behaved accordingly.

Col ]:)

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by house In reply to Political parties

lucky me. Though I'm a bit uninformed in regards to Canadian politics (or even politics in general), I've always gone Liberal. I usually go with the individual as opposed to the core belief.

Unfortunately, I thought that Duceppe would have been ideal if it wasn't for the whole Bloc cloud. He definitely exhibited the strongest character in the last running. Too bad he's not interested in Canada.

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