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Oz Media Needs a coffee mug

By CG IT ·
So, I read this and couldn't believe my eyes. To quote:


It was only a matter of time, wasn't it? If it seems like OZ_MEDIA has
posted to every discussion you've ever read at TechRepublic, you're not
far off. In 2005, TechRepublic's most prolific poster has submitted
over 3,000 missives to our Discussions and Tech Q&A. Even scarier, in
his history on our site, the man with faux-flag avatar has posted more
than 10,000 times. Learn what makes this outspoken IT pro tick by
checking out his Member Profile!

10,000 posts?

sounds to me like to much time on his hands! Maybe we ought call his boss!! or maybe he is the boss which would account for to much time on his hands.

but 10,000 posts? Give Oz a coffee mug for gods sakes or a tee shirt,

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A little premature I think

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz Media Needs a coffe ...

I actually haven't hit 10,000 yet.

You will also notice I am quite active in the Tech Q&A forum, trying to help out other peers here too.

As for posting to all discussions, just hang out in the Microsoft or MS Server tech areas, you won't see me there. I am more into the miscellaneous posts, I get enough work as it is.

As for TIME, yes I am self employed and while still very busy with multiple irons in the fire, I build my own workload for the most part (with the exception of rush promos), if I don't want to work for a while, I just need to find other avenues for cash flow or concentrate on the work with heavier cash flow instead of 9-5'ing it every day. I still work, and often chat here while actually going to and from work, mostly on a ferry to the mainland these days, as I do have a decent sat connection.

It has been 4 or 5 years on TR now so I guess it all adds up, especially when entangled in threads running 2000+ posts.

Apparently TR is sending me a mug for participating in the TR Insiders group, giving feedback on the new site designs as they were Beta'd.

But hey, you got one more post closer to hitting 10K yourself now anyway. Keep it up.

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Oz!! Oz!!! nothing serious

by CG IT In reply to A little premature I thin ...

My comment was only a light hearted dig, and wasn't meant to be a serious dig against you. Just we don't get to buy coffee mugs [see my other post [Dont want an IPod, only want a coffee mug].

I figure if I post enough about coffee mugs I might get one [$9.95 USD + tax, dealer prep, license, registration, and shipping costs of course].

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by CuteElf In reply to Oz!! Oz!!! nothing ser ...

If I want a coffee mug w/ the British flag on it, I'll bloody go back to Lonnon!

(j/k oz, we luv u)

How bout we have a Guinness Stein with Oz's name engraved on it? Coffee is so...mundane.

Hey oz, how bout
F for Format?

how many european countries can we take and make computer related references??? eeek.

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Well well

by Oz_Media In reply to If

Well my dear, that's very sweet and all, but we aren't discussing any mugs with flags on them.

It's just someone bitching, apparently light heartedly at my expense, to get his own mug. Nothing to do with me at all really. Nothing to do with England, USA or anywhere else.

NE-who, best of luck, fingers still crossed.

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