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OzMedia....I need a favour!!

By GuruOfDos ·
I'd have e-mailed you, but lost the address :-(

Or any other Canadian members for that matter!!

I need to buy some Matrox Rainbow Runner Video capture cards to fit Matrox MilleniumII (not Matrox Mystique) graphics cards. Shop@matrox have several country-specific sites, and the only site that has the cards I need is the Canadian one! The buggers are only CAN$14 each....and I need 3 of them. Being a typical North American web-site, naturally they can't process overseas orders (yet any UK or European based site will send anything anywhere AND process foreign credit card transactions with no darn problem...YES I DID try every European Shop@matrox site!!) so although they let me enter a foreign address, phone number and postcode to register on the site, as soon as I get to the check out it tells me no dice!

Wanted: Canadian buddy/resident to obtain 3 of these for me (from within Canada, obviously!) and mail them to me (surface will do, whatever is cheapest!). Just let me know where to mail the cash and how much, including postage! I can send cash CAN$, US$ or 'hard currency' (Sterling or Euro)...whatever you prefer. Arrangements through email/Peer Directory please....we don't want to publish personal info in here!!

Thanks in advance....and if you come over to the UK the beer is on me :-)

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I;ll send you email on Sunday

by Oz_Media In reply to OzMedia....I need a favou ...

Sorry Guru, I'm too tied up right now but will send you email on Sunday and we can sort it out.

Shoudln't be any problem, I just need to get a few things done before I can address this now.

Enjoy your weekend, I'll send you email right after Coronation Street Sunday morning.

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Guru, can you send me a link.

by Oz_Media In reply to OzMedia....I need a favou ...

The only Rainbow Runner (G3) cards I saw were $143.00 CDA.

As for the North American site, I know what you mean. I don't know how many company's and partner products i use where I get great invites to webinars etc. Only to find out after filling all the info in, that the offers and contests are US only, I don't want to listen to someone sell me thier product if I am not eligilble for the goodies.

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Cheers Mate!

by GuruOfDos In reply to Guru, can you send me a l ...

The G3 is a new one....I have Millenium II cards, circa 1997!

They are in the 'Clearance Bargains' section, hence only CAN$14 as there ain't much demand for them anymore.

I just happen to get a pile of MII cards (advertised at auction as "1 Lot of 6 PCI Graphics Cards - Ex Equipment 'pulls'") and they were all Matrox Millennium IIs. Well, they have a 15 pin D Type connector for AV in and AV out, and can also take a tv card (Rainbow Runner TV). The TV cards (UK PAL) are available on the UK Matrox Shop site for ?6 each (clearance), but they need the Rainbow Runner for MII.

Link here!

Thanks again. No hurry - I know you're a busy guy! Beer's on me next time you're in UK!!

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Just in case....

by GuruOfDos In reply to Cheers Mate!

remove spaces from url between shee and t!

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