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By rob mekel ·
Smorty, Jay
All of My History (within My Workspace) links popup with the "The Page you've requested can not be found" screen. Is this still due to the TR-update?


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What TR update?

by stargazerr In reply to Page not found

I get the page not found now and then too but not very often.


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coupla weeks ago

by rob mekel In reply to What TR update?

Get it all the time when going from "My History" to a posting.
Maybe they just killed all my posting so I haven't a History any more. But then again these are thread-links so they're killing all the post from everybody. Don't think that will happen. :)


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It's a bug

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Page not found

We're working on a fix right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Much better today

by jdclyde In reply to It's a bug

yesterday got completely unusable by afternoon. (EST)

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Same as yesterday overhere

by rob mekel In reply to Much better today

not working at all (GMT+1.00)


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by rob mekel In reply to It's a bug
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Boy! Am I glad you asked!

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Page not found

I thought maybe I was on restriction! Between that and clicking a link to a discussion you guys are having about "no titles in replies" and getting a page that says "Restricted Area" I was getting parnanoid!

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:) I know the feeling :)

by rob mekel In reply to Boy! Am I glad you asked!

I once, no correction, several times had only discussions in the list, that on clicking got me to "Restricted Area".

I went ballistics over it. Then it was over (no postings on list :) )and came up again .

Made some real nice pleas to:
SG, GG, JD, Jules, Dawg, DMambo (I'm not sure), Jelli, Apotheon, HAL 9 thousand, M a r k, Maxwell, Meacuff, Jaqui, Deepsand, Pal me to, neilB, Oz_Media, ITgirli, BFilmFan, Beth Blakely, Trivia Geek, sMoRTy71 (oops were it that much? ;\ had no idea )

Just look:
And still they have some reserve. :^0

Took some time but then it got me there.
Have fun :)


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by oneamazingwriter In reply to :) I know the feeling :)

I read that thread a while back and scratched my head as usual. I figured the restricted area was for pro guild, as some of the articles are. Sometimes being clueless is simpler than understanding all of the complexities!

I'm happy enough dancing where I'm dancing. Hand me something even more right now and I'd be floored. I can't dance lying on the floor!

Just as long as I don't feel as if someone slapped my hand for peeking as I click on a link, I'll be fine. ROFL. That I am active in any group at all still amazes me. Group? Me? Duh? I have trouble getting out of my own way, and now I'm suppose to learn how to walk with and around other people?

Most of my life everyone has been waltzing in pretty circles around the dance floor, and I did the cha cha in the middle. 1, 2, 3, 4 was too much. I do forward 1,2,3,...back 1, 2.

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Just an update

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Page not found

because I still can't access my backdate! This is like the time I was told I had just a bug and wound up with pneumonia!

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