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Paperless Office?!

By Choppit ·
We've become a technology oriented society. What happened to the paperless office?

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laws are behind

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Paperless Office?!

it is waiting for the laws and law makers to catch up, there are many decisions and records that you are still required to keep in written format due to the current laws. when they change you will see major changes, also there is some inertia from those who prefer written documents but they will be gone by th time the laws catch up, say 2050.

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It was a Pipe Dream

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Paperless Office?!

That never came about. From my experience the more computers that are in an office the more waste paper is produced.

Then there are things like Internet banking where you just have to print out transaction statements to have proof of the transaction occurring. While it is good to hold Digital Data for things like Tax Records you will always need the paper copies as well the Digital copy is only considered as a backup in case of emergency. Presently there are numerous Accounting packages on the market and they can not read each others data so you need to submit the paper copies when required or when you face an audit. After all presenting a CD or floppy to the auditor will not get you very far will it?


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